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with whom she found com­fort and se­cu­rity.

Vul­ner­a­ble and in need of a change – it’s been two years since the fu­neral – Bren­nan ac­cepts Lo­gan’s of­fer and be­gins her lifechang­ing process, which is both poignant (though I use this word rather loosely) and in­spir­ing. And when Lo­gan finds out how wealthy she is, it’s a huge slap in his face, which was pretty sat­is­fy­ing to read!

It comes as no sur­prise that th­ese two are meant for each other. And Lo­gan’s tran­si­tion from pity to re­spect for and, soon, in­fat­u­a­tion with Bren­nan moves smoothly.

But sooner than you would think, he pounces on her like a sailor on leave. And what does the now strong and in­de­pen­dent Bren­nan do? She al­lows it! The writer seems to im­ply that your outer ap­pear­ance might change, but not your emo­tional value and self-es­teem.

Big Girl Panties is a breeze to get through and is a sur­pris­ingly fun and witty read, al­though the tran­si­tions be­tween char­ac­ters can be con­fus­ing at times.

The writer switches be­tween he­said-she-said di­a­logue and mono­logues within the same page, which works in the slower and more in­ti­mate mo­ments. But it gets con­fus­ing when more than two peo­ple are in­volved.

Aside from the oc­ca­sional di­a­logue mis­fire, Evanovich paces her writ­ing well, so that the body-sham­ing pic­ture in Lo­gan’s eyes fades to­ward the end of the book.

But even fin­ish­ing the book brought no an­swer to my ques­tion: Is this book on size and weight an ex­ag­ger­a­tion or does it de­pict the re­al­ity of the sit­u­a­tion? I sup­pose my main take away from this light read is to be more aware of body sham­ing in my own world.

Evanovich does sat­isfy with Bren­nan ul­ti­mately find­ing in­de­pen­dence; and the writer even man­ages to make Mr God­send lik­able half­way into the book.

Oh, and Evanovic doesn’t stinge on the cliches ei­ther, bring­ing the love story full cir­cle to­wards the end, so the reader can clearly see how far the char­ac­ters have come.

What re­ally got me ex­cited was the an­tic­i­pa­tion of the tit­u­lar phrase show­ing up through­out the en­tire read. The writer waits for the pre­cise mo­ment to throw in this phrase, which is what caught my at­ten­tion on its cover in the first place, and she couldn’t have timed it bet­ter.

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