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FIRENZZI’S new mod­els FGS-28 (1.4-litre wa­ter tank) and FGS-218 (2-litre wa­ter tank) of­fer a rev­o­lu­tion­ary iron­ing ex­pe­ri­ence that pro­vides the dual func­tion of a hu­mid­i­fier and a steamer with four dif­fer­ent tem­per­a­ture con­trols.

The air in an air-con­di­tioned room is dry and can cause skin to be­come dry if ex­posed for long pe­ri­ods. The Firenzzi FGS-28 and FGS-218 let you en­joy your air-con­di­tioned at­mos­phere as th­ese mod­els help hu­mid­ify the air with their in­no­va­tive power se­lec­tor.

Switch to 1 (300W), wait for 45 sec­onds and steam will flow for 45 to 60 min­utes.

Switch to 2 (600W) to ster­ilise bed­sheets and chil­dren’s stuffed toys.

Switch to 3 (1,200W) to steam-iron evening dresses.

Switch to 4 (1,500W) to steam-iron men’s shirts and pants and speed up the iron­ing time for all fab­rics.

Save 30% en­ergy with this power se­lec­tor con­trol.

Firenzzi garment steam­ers are user friendly. Just fill up the wa­ter tank, press the power but­ton and a con­tin­u­ous flow of steam will be gen­er­ated in less than 45 sec­onds.

FGS-16 comes with a 1.36-litre wa­ter tank while FGS-20 (blue) comes with a two-litre wa­ter tank that al­lows you to con­tin­u­ously steam-iron your clothes from 45 to 60 min­utes. Both mod­els now come with 1,500W power.

The FGS-30 Pearl White is the most has­sle-free model and can be used on all types of fab­rics, in­clud­ing del­i­cate ma­te­ri­als. Hav­ing the high­est per­for­mance at 1,600W, the steam re­leased is 30% more than nor­mal garment steam­ers.

All Firenzzi garment steam­ers come with full ac­ces­sories (worth RM149). The flex­i­ble fold­ing rack al­lows you to put on your shirt or evening dress eas­ily be­fore iron­ing. The pant press helps to straighten your pants and shirts with straight lines for a ti­dier look. The trendy iron­ing board helps you to iron the col­lar, pock­ets and pant pock­ets too.

The Firenzzi garment steamer fab­ric brush makes pick­ing up lint a breeze. The hold­ing nips al­low dresses or pants to be held up eas­ily for easy steam-iron­ing.

The Firenzzi garment steamer hose is cool to the touch. It comes with the Hand Glove which is given free.

Firenzzi garment steam­ers are avail­able at all lead­ing Park­son out­lets and most of the elec­tri­cal chain stores na­tion­wide.

They come with a two-year war­ranty on all man­u­fac­tur­ing de­faults.

For a demon­stra­tion and more de­tails, log on to www.asmsb.com or visit its mar­ket­ing arm at Asia Sum­mit Mar­ket­ing Sdn Bhd, 9, Jalan TSB 5, Ta­man In­dus­tri, Sun­gai Bu­loh, Kota Da­mansara, Pe­tal­ing Jaya. Call 03-6148 9188 or e-mail sales@my­firenzzi.com.

Firenzzi garment steam­ers are specif­i­cally de­signed to ef­fi­ciently help lessen cum­ber­some house­hold chores.

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