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This week’s roundup of young adult ti­tles in­cludes the con­tin­u­a­tion of sev­eral fan­tasies, in­clud­ing the pop­u­lar Rick Rior­dan’s He­roes Of Olym­pus se­ries.

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When Did You See Her Last? (All The Wrong Ques­tions #2)

Au­thor: Lemony Snicket

Publisher: Lit­tle, Brown and Co, 277 pages, fic­tion

ASK­ING the wrong ques­tions is the big­gest short­com­ing for any reporter or in­ves­ti­ga­tor, and the young Lemony Snicket finds him­self in such a predica­ment when Cleo Knight goes miss­ing in the town of Stain’d-by-the-Sea. Teacher S. Theodora Mark­son be­lieves that Cleo has just run away but Lemony thinks oth­er­wise.

Team­ing up with jour­nal­ist Moxie Mal­la­han, Lemony fol­lows the trail of clues to an aban­doned hos­pi­tal where Dr Flam­mar­ion may be hold­ing Cleo hostage.


Au­thor: Tim Sin­clair

Publisher: Pen­guin Group Aus­tralia, 200 pages, fic­tion

FOR teenager Dee, the art of park­our – ur­ban ree run­ning – is his life. Ev­ery wall, ev­ery cor­ner, ev­ery rail­ing is some­thing new and he es­capes his mun­dane life in this al­ter­nate world of his. With park­our, he is not run­ning away. He is free. He has a strange urge to keep mov­ing, a para­noia that some­one is out to get him and soon.

But you know what they say: just be­cause you’re para­noid it doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you – and sud­denly Dee finds him­self re­ally run­ning for his life.

The House Of Hades (He­roes Of Olym­pus #4)

Au­thor: Rick Rior­dan

Publisher: Dis­ney-Hype­r­ion, 608 pages, fic­tion

THIS book picks up af­ter Percy and Anna­beth’s de­scent into the Un­der­world at the con­clu­sion of The Mark Of Athena. With two of their friends stuck in Hades, the other five demigods have no time for grief and must carry on with Percy’s plans to find the Doors of Death and save the world from fall­ing to “storm and fire”, as the omi­nous proph­esy says.

But they have the hor­ri­fy­ing forces of Gaea to bat­tle and even if they suc­ceed on this front, there is still the ques­tion of Percy and Anna­beth sur­viv­ing the House of Hades. Then and only then can all seven demi-gods seal the Doors as told in the proph­esy. But if the Doors are sealed, how will Percy and Anna­beth make it out of the Un­der­world?

Ig­nite Me (Shat­ter Me #3)

Au­thor: Ta­hereh Mafi

Publisher: HarperCollins, 416 pages, fic­tion

THE Shat­ter Me se­ries is about 17-year-old Juli­ette whose touch can cause agony; she is first hid­den away in a jail cell and then brought out to be used as a weapon by the Reestab­lish­ment, the or­gan­i­sa­tion rul­ing a planet that has fallen apart and can barely sup­port hu­man life.

This fi­nal in­stal­ment con­tin­ues af­ter the de­struc­tion of the rebels’ out­post, Omega Point. Juli­ette has no idea if the rebels, her friends or even her beloved Adam are alive. She has no one else to rely on than Warner, the com­man­der of Sec­tor 45, the man who saved her life and who has her thor­oughly con­fused with his mixed sig­nals. He prom­ises to help Juli­ette mas­ter her pow­ers and save their dy­ing world ... but that’s not all he wants with her.

Eve Of De­struc­tion (Dark Eden #2)

Au­thor: Pa­trick Car­man

Publisher: Kather­ine Te­gen Books, 288 pages, fic­tion

THE seven teens with crip­pling pho­bias in­tro­duced in the first book of this tril­ogy have been sup­pos­edly “cured” by the mys­te­ri­ous Rains­ford at Fort Eden. But in ex­change for los­ing their fears – at the price of ter­ri­ble tri­als – they have “gained” var­i­ous ail­ments.

Now Fort Eden’s care­taker, Mrs Gor­ing, sum­mons Will Best­ing and his six friends back and of­fers cures for those ail­ments. The catch is they have to ven­ture be­neath the fort to find seven vials that Rains­ford has hid­den away and sur­rounded by traps. There is noth­ing like be­ing in the mid­dle of a bat­tle be­tween two hor­ri­fy­ing and po­tent forces like Mrs Gor­ing and Rains­ford. It’s a game of cat and mouse, and not ev­ery­one will be alive when it’s over.

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