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rel­a­tives are Horus, an elder brother whom she dis­likes; and sis­ter-in­law Hathor, the god­dess of sex and beer, no less! Then there’s Anu­bis, her hand­some yet in­tim­i­dat­ing and evil half brother; and Neph­thys, an of­ten for­got­ten God­dess who is the sis­ter of Isis and mother of Anu­bis.

It tick­led me that the au­thor’s Egyp­tian gods are so hu­man in their be­hav­iour: they loathe wak­ing up in the early morn­ing, they char the din­ner; and trip over the things they left lay­ing around mess­ily around their beds!

Of course, there’s no doubt about their god-like sta­tus when you read about Isis giv­ing birth to a child ev­ery 20 years once, or Isadora hav­ing to dec­o­rate her room, which turns out to be her tomb for her af­ter­life.

And yes, this re­sults in an an­gry and teary-eyed Isadora who be­lieves that her par­ents do not love her and that noth­ing is eter­nal. She was made to die, ev­ery­thing is made to end. Or so she sadly be­lieves.

So she jumps at the chance to move to San Diego to stay with Sirus, another of Isadora’s brother. Be­gin­ning a new life in this new city, Isadora finds work in a lo­cal mu­seum where she meets and be­comes fast friends with Tyler, Scott and Ry. “Floods!” (as Isadora of­ten ex­claims) but Ry is a pretty boy with bright blue eyes who looks al­most like a Greek god. He is, of course, the one who tweaks Isadora’s pes­simistic per­cep­tion of love.

But, of course, where there are gods, there will also be ter­ri­ble, world-shak­ing events, as Isadora dis­cov­ers when she re­alises that her night­mares are pre­mo­ni­tions of hor­ri­ble events that will be­fall her mother. Will Isadora be to save her mother with the help of her new friends? Will she fi­nally learn to love her tomb?

The Chaos Of Stars ends on a light note. It is a rather fun book to hang out with. And no, you’re never too old for a lovely read like this. Cau­tion, though, you might find your­self grin­ning like a half-wit while read­ing this book!

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