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Here’s a dif­fer­ent and all-nat­u­ral so­lu­tion for skin im­per­fec­tions.

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HAV­ING skin im­per­fec­tions can leave a mark on you, both lit­er­ally and fig­u­ra­tively. Th­ese skin im­per­fec­tions in­clude bumps, warts, skin-tags, clus­ters of skin grouped to­gether on any part of the face or neck, and even moles.

Ac­cord­ing to skin spe­cial­ist Irene Wong, there are other wor­ry­ing skin is­sues which of­ten go un­no­ticed, such as oil cysts, which are small lumps that de­velop un­der the skin. How­ever, un­like acne, caused by oil ac­cu­mu­lated in the pores, oil cysts con­tain a pro­tein known as ker­atin that blocks the pores. Th­ese cysts can vary in size from tiny domes of skin to larger lumps.

Another skin im­per­fec­tion called sy­ringoma is a be­nign bump caused by over­ac­tive sweat or ec­crine glands. Syringo­mas tend to de­velop around the up­per cheeks and the lower eye­lids area, and are com­monly found in teenagers and women. They may be hered­i­tary and those with di­a­betes are more prone to this con­di­tion.

“A lot of peo­ple at­tempt var­i­ous home reme­dies. While th­ese can some­times be suc­cess­ful, the chances of re­cur­rence are high,” she says, adding that if done im­prop­erly, such reme­dies may re­sult in per­ma­nent scar­ring or even bleed­ing.

Con­ven­tional meth­ods em­ployed by physi­cians in­clude laser, elec­tro-cau­ter­i­sa­tion, sur­gi­cal re­moval and cryosurgery.

Her­baLine has come up with the Her­baLine Ee Treat­ment, a 20-minute pro­ce­dure to get rid of the above-men­tioned skin im­per­fec­tions once and for all.

“The treat­ment in­volves an ef­fec­tive, tar­geted ther­apy that ef­fort­lessly re­moves even the most vis­i­ble skin blem­ishes,” says Wong. “This is the re­sult of over 20 years of re­search and tri­als. It com­bines an all-nat­u­ral herbal cream com­pris­ing cashew nut plant ex­tract us­ing a tested and proven pro­ce­dure, de­signed to elim­i­nate most forms of skin im­per­fec­tions in­clud­ing warts, sy­ringoma, oil cysts and skin tags.

“We use plant-based so­lu­tions, there­fore, the treat­ment is safe and won’t pose any harm to your skin,” she adds.

Be­fore I un­der­went the treat­ment, the beau­ti­cian an­a­lysed my skin to iden­tify the dif­fer­ent types of im­per­fec­tions. For­tu­nately, my skin is gen­er­ally blem­ish-free, with only a few vis­i­ble oil cysts and one tiny skin tag.

For starters, I was given a fa­cial which in­volved ap­ply­ing a cool­ing cream, a face mas­sage, fol­lowed by cleansing, to pre­pare and ster­ilise the skin.

Af­ter that, the “scratch­ing” (the be­gin­ning of the Ee Treat­ment) be­gan whereby the beau­ti­cian scraped out the pre­vi­ously iden­ti­fied im­per­fec­tions. This process caused a bit of pain but was not as un­com­fort­able as I thought it would be.

Then, the Ee cream was ap­plied and this caused a slight sting­ing sen­sa­tion. I was told that those who had more skin tags might ex­pe­ri­ence more pain. Next was the cau­ter­i­sa­tion process and I was in­formed that le­sions would ap­pear in the af­fected ar­eas. Th­ese would peel off nat­u­rally be­tween one and three weeks, de­pend­ing on the in­di­vid­ual.

I came out of the spa feel­ing re­freshed and ex­tremely sat­is­fied. Af­ter sev­eral days, I felt that my com­plex­ion had be­come clearer.

Es­tab­lished in the 1990s in Kuala Lumpur, Her­baLine cur­rently has 13 branches and more than 35 fran­chise out­lets across Malaysia and Brunei.

Prices for a fa­cial and Ee Treat­ment range from RM59 to RM149. For more de­tails, visit www.her­

Brushed away: ee cream which is part of the Her­baLine ee Treat­ment is ap­plied evenly on the iden­ti­fied skin im­per­fec­tions us­ing a spe­cialised brush.

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