Star Wars: Episode III – Re­venge Of The Sith

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(TV2, astro ch 102 / Hyp­pTV ch 102, 10pm) His name was Kit Fisto, and he was a Jedi mas­ter. He was so awe­some in the clone Wars car­toons; he even wiped out an en­tire Sep­a­ratist un­der­wa­ter ar­mada. but in this movie, he couldn’t even sur­vive an un­con­vinc­ing lightsabre stroke from Gnarly Pal­pa­tine. Watch Kit and al­most all the other Jedi get fist... er, shafted by Or­der 66 in this pre­quel fi­nale where Pal­pa­tine’s evil plans come to fruition. anakin Sky­walker com­pletes his fall from grace af­ter mak­ing a dread­ful pun about “killing an un­armed op­po­nent” af­ter cut­ting off the guy’s ... arms. Watch Vic­tor Si­fuentes adopt a baby! Watch Thor’s girl­friend get her heart bro­ken! and hear James earl Jones say “This is cNN.” Noooo!

(astro ch 728, 12pm and 7pm) and be­came known as box­ing’s equiv­a­lent of the St Valen­tine’s day mas­sacre ... man­der of brazil­ian airspace de­fence com­mand of­fer some sur­pris­ing in­sights.

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