Is your re­la­tion­ship cool­ing off?

Cir­cle one let­ter/an­swer per ques­tion.

The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - CLOVE - Fre­quently re­ject his over­tures? Have more qual­ity rather than quan­tity sex? Rel­e­gate sex to a lower pri­or­ity of things you en­joy do­ing to­gether? Smile en­cour­ag­ingly and hope ev­ery­one is amused? Beam lov­ingly and laugh as hard as the first time you heard

Your gor­geous friend makes a drunken pass at your man. Do you:



c. a. b.

c. a. b. c. Get jeal­ous and hope he doesn’t re­spond? Vow never to speak to the bitch again? Ask your­self, “What does she see in him?”

On the rare oc­ca­sion when your man re­veals his frus­tra­tions and fail­ures, do you:

Crit­i­cize him for be­ing a wimp? Give him as much sup­port as you think he needs? Feel closer to him than be­fore?

You have a fight about an is­sue that has plagued your re­la­tion­ship since day one. Later, do you:

Have a laugh and make up? Storm out? Kick your­self for try­ing to change him? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.


0 10 0 0 20 10 0 20 0 10


20 20 10 20 0 20 10 0 20 0


10 0 20 10 10 0 20 10 10 20

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