An­noy­ing celebri­ties of 2013

The Kar­dashi­ans seem to irk us to no end.

The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - SHOWBIZ - By Barry Kolt­now

On a planet in which Kanye West is an in­hab­i­tant, it is hard to be­lieve that any­one else had a shot at top­ping our an­nual list of the most an­noy­ing celebri­ties. And yet, there was Mi­ley Cyrus. In her de­fence, I still be­lieve that all her bad be­hav­iour dur­ing 2013 was just an at­tempt to sell her brand. By that, I mean that I sus­pect that she in­ten­tion­ally set out to make her­self the cen­tre of at­ten­tion to help pro­mote her­self as a teen-princess-turned-provoca­tive-pop-star, and to push sales of her new al­bum. But she did it in such an an­noy­ing way that I would be re­miss in not giv­ing her the crown.

The singer with the Ten­nessee twang just turned 21, and she had quite a year. Her pub­lic gy­ra­tions, mixed with her on­a­gain, off-again re­la­tion­ship with ac­tor Liam Hemsworth, put her in the bright­est spot­light imag­in­able. We were es­pe­cially moved by her fa­ther, singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who never missed an op­por­tu­nity to ap­pear on tele­vi­sion to de­fend his daugh­ter’s rep­u­ta­tion, and per­haps to sell a few records of his own.

Still, there was Kanye. There was Kim. There was the rest of the Kar­dashian klan. How did any an­noy­ing celebri­ties stand a chance of mak­ing it on our an­nual list with those an­noy­ing peo­ple around?

Even singer Christina Aguil­era, a judge on The Voice, couldn’t an­noy her way past the Kar­dashi­ans. Oh, to be sure, Christina ended 2012 with eyes on the prize.

Then, af­ter the beau­ti­ful Colom­bian singer Shakira re­placed her briefly on the show, and demon­strated what a nice per­son looked like, Christina re­turned in 2013 with a new out­look – no doubt the re­sult of count­less hours work­ing with a cri­sis man­age­ment team. She ac­tu­ally fin­ished the year as a pretty agree­able hu­man be­ing. Maybe next year, Christina?

The usual sus­pects on our an­nual list of an­noy­ing celebri­ties, in­clud­ing Paris Hil­ton, Lind­say Lo­han, Ash­ton Kutcher, Snooki Polizzi and Don­ald Trump, are no­tice­ably ab­sent this year. That doesn’t mean they were any less an­noy­ing this year, but their an­noy­ances were drowned out by the an­noy­ing Kar­dashi­ans.

And it wouldn’t be fair to sin­gle out this an­noy­ing fam­ily with­out in­clud­ing a sear­ing in­dict­ment of the me­dia for fu­elling their an­noy­ances on a daily ba­sis, and for the Kar­dashian wor­ship­pers who not only en­cour­age the fam­ily’s an­noy­ing be­hav­iour but con­tinue to buy their prod­ucts. There could be no an­noy­ing Kar­dashi­ans with­out th­ese co-con­spir­a­tors.

But enough of my an­noy­ing in­tro­duc­tion. Here are the 10 most an­noy­ing celebri­ties of 2013:

– She twerked her­self onto the list this year. True, the me­dia is to blame for ob­sess­ing over her twerk­ing, but she knew what she was do­ing when she was grind­ing on Alan Thicke’s son. If she didn’t do a sin­gle other an­noy­ing thing all year, just grind­ing on Alan Thicke’s son would have put her on this list.

Mi­ley Cyrus

Kris Jen­ner

– The Mother of all Kar­dashi­ans has made it quite clear that she is not con­tent with just milk­ing the cash cow. She wants her shot at be­ing the cow.

Kanye West

– He’s not only a ge­nius (if you don’t be­lieve me, just ask him), but he was a world­class an­noy­ing celebrity long be­fore he hooked up with Kim. Once he be­came part of the Kar­dashian fam­ily, he owned it. Of course, com­pared to the rest of them, he al­most seemed the voice of rea­son in 2013.

– Is there any­thing more an­noy­ing than ex­ploit­ing your own baby for rat­ings?

Kim Kar­dashian

Ken­dall Jen­ner

– When I turned 18, I thought about post­ing a shot of my­self wear­ing a see-through top on the In­ter­net, but I thought it might be TOO An­nOY­InG. I sup­pose we have to blame num­bers 2 and 4 for in­spir­ing this sort of be­hav­iour, but when you turn 18, you are adult enough to be re­spon­si­ble for your own be­hav­iour. But con­grat­u­la­tions, Ken­dall, for mak­ing us re­alise that you are not a vic­tim of your fam­ily’s be­hav­iour, but an an­noy­ing part of it.

– She seemed to use her mar­i­tal dif­fi­cul­ties and Kim’s preg­nancy to en­hance her own me­dia pro­file in 2013. I’m not say­ing she has en­joyed tak­ing over the role of tabloid queen from her sis­ter, but she doesn’t look like she has suf­fered from it.

– Al­though one can un­der­stand and ap­pre­ci­ate his con­fused state af­ter mar­ry­ing into this fam­ily, the poor ex-Laker needs to find a place to hide.

– If you look up the word “smarmy” in the dic­tionary, you’ll find a photo of Scott. He won’t marry Kourt­ney, but they keep pop­ping out those ba­bies.

Khloe Kar­dashian

La­mar Odom

Scott Disick

Kourt­ney Kar­dashian

– She’s just find­ing her in­ner an­noy­ing self af­ter years of car­ing for in­fants. You go, girl.

Bruce Jen­ner

– How sad. – The Orange County Reg­is­ter/McClatchy-Tri­bune In­for­ma­tion Ser­vice

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