He ran like the wind

The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - LIVING - By LEELA RUTH

MY col­league called me one day af­ter christ­mas and asked if he could drop by with a gift for the fam­ily. I said oK. He came with a white, fluffy puppy in a red bow.

Snooky was a month-old Spitz. He had ap­par­ently chewed through the christ­mas tree wire, bit­ten but­tons off shoes and peed on socks and messed up folded clothes. So he was ban­ished from the house.

Snooky was a high spir­ited puppy, al­ways play­ing, al­ways happy. His great­est joy was run­ning on the road. We taught him how to run all the way to my par­ents’ home, three roads away. Ini­tially, we ran with him, chant­ing “go, mother”.

later, we let him run be­side the car. other times, we tell him “go, mother” and we will take a side road to reach my par­ents’ home be­fore he does. He quickly caught on and would keep look­ing back to see which way the car was go­ing.

Snooky grew up and be­came a much loved fam­ily mem­ber. He did all the naughty things dogs do like chas­ing cats, bark­ing at birds, pulling clothes off the line, run­ning off with scrab­ble chips and such. When he slept, he looked like an an­gel.

one evening, when Snooky was two years old, we let him out while we had our evening tea. about an hour later, a neigh­bour came to the house to in­form us that our dog was in­jured. We ran out to find that a neigh­bour two doors away had ac­ci­den­tally run over snooky’s legs.

Snooky had rushed into their house, chas­ing their cat, just as the car was re­vers­ing. Be­ing Mus­lims, they did not touch him. What we saw, tore our hearts. Snooky was crawl­ing on the road to­wards our house us­ing just his front legs.

We picked Snooky up and rushed him to the vet. Snooky lay in the back seat with­out a sound. His eyes met ours when we placed him in the car and then he did not make any fur­ther con­tact. He knew the de­ci­sion that was go­ing to be made, even be­fore we did.

The ve­teri­nary sur­geon ex­am­ined Snooky and told us that he had to am­pu­tate both the back legs, be­cause not only were the bones smashed, the ten­dons and nerves were de­stroyed. He told us the dog would never walk again.

Never to see Snooky run­ning like the wind was un­think­able. The vet ad­vised us to put him down. Snooky looked at us then. His eyes said he un­der­stood. My hus­band held him for the last two sec­onds of his life. I left the room and could not stop cry­ing.

Snooky was given a grand fu­neral. The pass­ing away of a pet is painful enough, but the way he had to die and at such a young age made us mourn him for a long time. Snooky, our dear pet, we pray you are now an an­gel.

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