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STILL look­ing for space to hang your clothes, es­pe­cially when there are many of them dur­ing the weekend laun­dry? Put them away with the large ca­pac­ity con­denser dryer model DPU8360WG by Beko.

It only takes up to 4 sq ft in the house but could dry up to 8kg load of clothes (the amount of 36 L-size T-shirts) at a time.

Imag­ine the space that you could save and use it for other pur­poses.

Of course, the very at­trac­tive part is not just the ca­pac­ity. The en­ergy-sav­ing Euro­pea­nengi­neered heat pump dry­ing sys­tem by Beko is the very core of this con­denser dryer.

Com­pared to an or­di­nary con­denser dryer with C-class or B-class en­ergy ef­fi­ciency rat­ing (un­der EU stan­dard), Beko’s DPU8360WG can save up to 60% more on en­ergy con­sump­tion while dry­ing the same 8kg load.

You do not have to worry about high en­ergy costs while dry­ing your laun­dry with this ef­fi­cient ma­chine.

The usual power con­sump­tion for the Beko’s DPU8360WG dryer ranges from 1.5kw to 2.5kw per cy­cle (de­pend­ing on se­lected pro­grammes and load) which is just low even com­pared to a 6kg con­denser dryer.

In short, this Euro­pean A+++ heat pump dry­ing sys­tem works with heat ex­change and re-uses the hot air within the ma­chine in­stead of ex­haust­ing it to the sur­round­ing.

By re­cy­cling the hot air, the dryer needs less en­ergy to re­heat the air and uses even less time to dry the clothes. One smart heat pump sys­tem for two ben­e­fits.

Be­side the en­ergy- and money-sav­ing el­e­ments, the DPU8360WG comes with 15 dry­ing pro­grammes that suit all sorts of tex­tiles.

From sleek sports­wear, long-sleeved shirts, wool to heavy jeans, there is al­ways a dry­ing pro­gramme that can cater to the re­quire­ments of the dif­fer­ent types of fab­rics. The cus­tomer re­views have been pos­i­tive. “Dry­ing time on the jeans cy­cle is fan­tas­tic. Cost ef­fec­tive A+++ rated and the dryer has a large ca­pac­ity. So, I would rec­om­mend this dryer.” – Sophia, Glen­rothes, Bri­tain.

“Low noise and good range of dry­ing pro­gram­memes. Good value for money.” – Mar­garet, Cly­de­bank, Bri­tain.

(The above state­ments are con­firmed buy­ers of DPU8360W in Bri­tain. Source:

For de­tails or the lat­est pro­mo­tions, call 03-6157 7725, e-mail info@paci­fica.my or log on to www.beko.my

You do not have to worry about high en­ergy costs while dry­ing your laun­dry with this ef­fi­cient ma­chine.

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