Trin­ity beck­ons

DC is another step closer to a Jus­tice movie with the ad­di­tion of Won­der Woman to the ManOf se­quel.

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WHETHER it’s the clas­sic or the mod­ern-day pair­ing of this su­per­pow­ered cou­ple, the sight of Su­per­man and Won­der Woman lock­ing lips in mid-air is enough to eclipse ev­ery other ro­man­tic movie scene out there. While the clas­sic Byrne run didn’t do much to fan the ro­mance, things are cer­tainly heat­ing up be­tween the two in the DC New 52 universe, es­pe­cially in the new Su­per­man/Won­der Woman ti­tle.

AF­TER shar­ing a kiss dur­ing a near-death ex­pe­ri­ence, Won­der Woman and Bat­man talk about the pos­si­bil­ity of a fu­ture to­gether. Aided by the Mar­tian Manhunter’s Transcon­science Ar­tic­u­la­tor, Diana gets a peek at a fu­ture where she and Bruce are to­gether, which turns out to be plagued by mis­ery caused by her im­mor­tal­ity and Bruce be­ing all too hu­man.

The duo’s soul-search­ing mo­ment here is def­i­nitely the most defin­ing in­ter­ac­tion be­tween them, and jus­ti­fies their de­ci­sion to re­main just friends!

LOIS Lane spends a day in­ter­view­ing the out it is Diana’s that so many Su­per­man adding an un­likely de­fine to­wards

While Won­der- have Su­per­man’s on-screen in a rather love IF the love and


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Eat my boot, Bat! No ques­tion who would win in a fight be­tween Won­der Woman and Bat­man then. From WonderWoman:Hiketeia.

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