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the Ama­zo­nian Princess and finds out what makes her tick. How­ever, it is Lois’ fi­nal ques­tion con­cern­ing Diana’s feel­ings to­wards Su­per­man that re­ally stands out here. With so many past meet­ings be­tween Su­per­man and Won­der Woman adding to Lois’ in­se­cu­rity, it takes an un­likely pool hall chat to clearly de­fine their re­spec­tive feel­ings to­wards Su­per­man.

While Lois is en­vi­ous of Diana’s Won­der-Woman-ness, she does have one sig­nif­i­cant edge – be­ing Su­per­man’s wife! The most re­cent on-screen Lois, Amy Adams, has said in a re­cent in­ter­view that she would rather be team­mates with Diana than love ri­vals. IF the movie re­ally does go with a love tri­an­gle be­tween Clark, Lois and Diana, there is plenty of ref­er­ence ma­te­rial for Sny­der to look at, but noth­ing that’s more con­tro­ver­sial than this tale.

It starts with Diana show­ing up unan­nounced in the Kents’ mat­ri­mo­nial home (much to Lois’ cha- grin), and ends with Su­per­man and Won­der Woman be­ing ex­iled to Val­halla for a mil­len­nium! Stranded with a beau­ti­ful Ama­zo­nian Princess with no wife in sight, Kal-El’s mat­ri­mo­nial bonds are tested by some­thing even stronger than even kryp­tonite.

Per­son­ally, I sus­pect that the LoisDiana “choice” will prob­a­bly sur­face at some point in the up­com­ing movie, and Su­per­man’s re­solve will be sim­i­larly tested as well. FOR the sen­ti­men­tal ones out there, a “happy” end­ing would in­volve Clark, Lois and Diana all be­ing on good terms. This is­sue of­fers the clos­est we’ve got­ten to that, as the Kents at­tend a char­ity show fea­tur­ing Diana. The ac­tion starts when Clark is ab­ducted by a har­lot (Khyrana the Ac­cursed) who yearns for his power. This leads to both Lois and Diana work­ing to­gether to save Clark (in his Su­per­man per­sona). As ex­pected, our he­roes emerge tri­umphant (no sur­prise con­sid­er­ing it’s just a bit-part vil­lain), but it’s the af­ter­math that is an eye-opener here

Ex­hausted by their mag­i­cal bat­tle with Khyrana, both Su­per­man and Won­der Woman re­turn to the Kent’s apart­ment and dose off on the couch, with Lois’ “It’s a good thing I’m a trust­ing woman” re­mark putting all

spec­u­la­tion to rest. BE­FORE In­jus­tice: Gods Among Us, where Won­der Woman thrashes Bat­man, there was this one-shot tale, which not only has Diana over­pow­er­ing Bruce, but also putting a per­ma­nent dent in the Dark Knight’s machismo … by step­ping on his head.

The he­roes cross swords over a young girl named Danielle, who swears al­le­giance to Won­der Woman but is a mur­derer in Bat­man’s eyes. When Diana re­fuses to let Bat­man take her into cus­tody, the in­evitable con­fronta­tion hap­pens – lead­ing to the lat­ter’s most hu­mil­i­at­ing de­feat. IN a fight be­tween Su­per­man and Won­der Woman, my money would be on the lat­ter, as Kal-El is a boy scout by na­ture and has al­ways held back his true might, while Diana is a nat­u­ral war­rior who has no qualms about killing.

In the Sac­ri­fice story arc, how­ever, Su­per­man is mind-con­trolled by Maxwell Lord, and or­dered to kill Won­der Woman. De­spite the “no holds barred” sce­nario, Won­der Woman still man­ages to fend off Su­per­man, and even has an op­por- tu­nity to kill him off. In the end, she suc­ceeds in free­ing Su­per­man from Lord’s in­flu­ence, by break­ing the bad guy’s neck!

While the movie prob­a­bly would not go into such de­tail ( Why not? Look what Sny­der’s Su­pes did to Zod. – Ed.), a few fight moves that Sny­der can lift from here in­clude Diana’s use of her lasso to slice Su­per­man’s throat, and giv­ing him a con­cus­sion with her bracelets! POST- cri­sis On In­fi­nite Earths, Won­der Woman is re-in­tro­duced to the DC Universe dur­ing a bat­tle with Dark­seid’s Pa­rademons and Warhounds. Her ex­plo­sive de­but, where she picks up a Warhound with one hand and smashes it to smithereens, would def­i­nitely be worth immortalising on screen! IN the epi­logue of this story, Clark and Diana meet Bruce in a su­per­hero-themed café to in­form him that they are ex­pect­ing a child and want Bat­man to be the child’s god­fa­ther and men­tor! While this end­ing ef­fec­tively elim­i­nates Lois from Su­per­man’s life, it is a log­i­cal move in terms of sync­ing with present­day sto­ry­lines, and bridg­ing the im­mor­tal­ity-mor­tal­ity dif­fer­ences.

Won­der Woman and Bat­man bring the fight to Ra’s Al Ghul in Trin­ity#3

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