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capricorn (dec 23 to Jan 20): you will hear some good news. This is from or about some­one im­por­tant. The stars point to a rel­a­tive, an in-law or some­one who is away at the mo­ment. aQUariUs (Jan 21 to feb 19): you have suf­fered a few hec­tic days and if you think about it, a few hec­tic weeks too, so you feel you have a right to some “me” time. a good book and a com­fort­able sofa are what the doc­tor or­dered. pisces (feb 20 to march 20): Some­one has taken on too much and now they are ask­ing for help. The Fish can’t ig­nore a call for help, so you pitch in. Will you ever learn? at least you end the day happy. aries (march 21 to april 20): ev­ery­one seems to have slowed to a crawl with some peo­ple ac­tu­ally stop­ping al­to­gether. un­for­tu­nately there is still work to do if you want to get ev­ery­thing ship-shape for christ­mas day. taUrUs (april 21 to may 20): your mind will be on love and ro­mance which is pretty nor­mal for the lov­ing Taurus. un­for­tu­nately, christ­mas eve is one of those times when ev­ery­one is pre­oc­cu­pied with ac­tiv­i­ties other than ro­mance and re­la­tion­ships. gemini (may 21 to June 21): your stars in­di­cate a pre­oc­cu­pa­tion with do­mes­tic mat­ters — another of the joys of this time of year. can­cer (June 22 to July 23): There is some travel in­di­cated. usu­ally th­ese stars come up when you find you have for­got­ten some­thing and you have to go on a last minute search. The good news is, your travel and ef­forts will be well re­warded. leo (July 24 to aug 23): There are try­ing stars for fi­nances. This is where you stop and look back on your ex­pen­di­ture over the last few weeks and won­der if per­haps you might have been bet­ter off putting a sen­si­ble limit to your spend­ing. Virgo (aug 24 to sept 23): There are good stars for you at the mo­ment. Th­ese stars in­di­cate a new be­gin­ning. Just where the be­gin­ning comes in is not clear, but you are do­ing the right thing re­gard­less of what peo­ple say. libra (sept 24 to oct 23): you will con­cen­trate on the past and mis­takes you have made at this time of year. you have the good sense to avoid re­peat­ing th­ese mis­takes. scorpio (oct 24 to nov 22): Good stars for re­lax­ing and be­ing with friends. There are also good stars for hav­ing wishes come true. This is where you sus­pect some­one is go­ing to give you some­thing you have long wanted. sagittariUs (nov 23 to dec 22): most of the time the archer does what he wants, but to­day you lis­ten to the un­favourable com­ments. Some­times it’s bet­ter to do your own thing.

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