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THE Manuka tree, which has graced re­mote ar­eas of New Zealand for the past 80 mil­lion years, has de­vel­oped its own an­tibac­te­rial, an­ti­fun­gal and an­tibi­otic prop­er­ties over the years.

The lo­cal Maori have used ex­tracts from the trees for years for suc­cess­ful treat­ment of var­i­ous ail­ments.

Ex­ten­sive re­search has been con­ducted to find the all-im­por­tant source of the an­tibac­te­rial prop­er­ties in Manuka honey.

Dif­fer­ent tests have been de­vel­oped to de­ter­mine the nat­u­ral sub­stance re­spon­si­ble for its an­tibac­te­rial prop­erty.

Th­ese at­tempts were un­re­li­able be­cause of the low re­peata­bil­ity of the tests.

Fi­nally in 2006, a Ger­man sci­en­tist named Prof Thomas Henle from the Tech­ni­cal Univer­sity of Dres­den found that honey from the Manuka flower con­tained a nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring com­pound known for its anti bac­te­rial prop­er­ties – nutritional methyl­gly­oxal.

This led Prof Henle to con­clude: “Our study un­am­bigu­ously demon­strates for the first time that methyl­gly­oxal is ex­clu­sively re­spon­si­ble for the sta­ble an­tibac­te­rial ac­tiv­ity of Manuka Honey.”

The MGO Manuka Honey Cer­ti­fi­ca­tion Sys­tem guar­an­tees the level of Methyl­gly­oxal through hon­est and trans­par­ent test­ing. The MGO sys­tem has been ac­cepted as an up­dated world’s first sci­en­tific, ver­i­fi­able, re­peat­able test­ing sys­tem on an­tibac­te­rial ac­tiv­ity of Manuka Honey.

Manuka Health

MGO Manuka Honey is the only food in the world to show sig­nif­i­cant amounts of nutritional methyl­gly­oxal con­tent com­pared to oth­ers.

Manuka Health mea­sures the nutritional methyl­gly­oxal based on qual­ity stan­dards set by the Tech­ni­cal Univer­sity of Dres­den, and pro­duces dif­fer­ent Manuka Honey with var­i­ous amounts of nutritional methyl­gly­oxal.

Tak­ing ba­sic lev­els of nutritional methyl­gly­oxal to be 100mg/kg, Manuka Health’s MGO 100+ Manuka Honey con­tains the min­i­mum quan­tity for health re­quire­ments.

The higher the nutritional methyl­gly­oxal, the higher the an­tibac­te­rial ac­tiv­ity.

MGO Manuka Honey has proven to sup­port good di­ges­tive health, wound heal­ing and healthy skin.

The Crop and Food Re­search In­sti­tute in New Zealand found in De­cem­ber 2007 that the high level of an­tibac­te­rial ac­tiv­ity in Manuka Honey acts as a pre­bi­otic, in­creas­ing growth of good gut bac­te­ria, im­prov­ing the body’s nat­u­ral de­fences in heal­ing in the gut, skin, throat and viruses.

Here are some ail­ments and how

Manuka Honey can aid heal­ing:

Stom­ach ul­cers and dis­com­forts

MGO(tm) 400+ is used to de­crease the amount of bac­te­ria that con­trib­utes to the on­set of stom­ach ul­cers.

Manuka Honey also calms and re­hy­drates the body af­ter a bout of food poi­son­ing and the sub­se­quent purg­ing pro­cesses. Manuka Honey can pre­vent growth of bac­te­ria such as E. coli, sal­mo­nella and pseu­domonas guilty of caus­ing stom­ach up­sets.

Sore throats and colds

A tea­spoon of Manuka Honey taken three times a day can aid in pre­vent­ing in­fec­tions re­sult­ing from sore throats and colds.


Heal­ing of wounds and leg ul­cers by de­stroy­ing bac­te­ria that cause in­fec­tions.

Manuka Honey also aids in post­surgery wounds by speed­ing up the heal­ing process.

Skin con­di­tions

The MGO 400+ is be­ing re­searched to test its ef­fec­tive­ness on the clear­ing of eczema. Manuka Honey can also be ap­plied di­rectly to sun­burned skin to pro­tect and soothe it.

Gum disease

Manuka Honey can be shown to re­duce acid­ity and pres­ence of three types of bac­te­ria that can cause tooth de­cay.


Manuka Honey is be­lieved to stim­u­late the im­mune sys­tem, at­tack­ing in­fec­tions more read­ily.

Ex­per­i­ments are be­ing con­ducted to de­velop neb­u­lis­ers and bronchial in­halers, which can al­low Manuka Honey to en­ter bronchial pas­sages to fight in­fec­tions.

En­joy de­li­cious, all nat­u­ral Manuka Honey, for a boost to im­mu­nity and well-be­ing.

Manuka Health MGO Manuka Honey is avail­able at all lead­ing phar­ma­cies and or­ganic and health food stores.

For more prod­uct de­tails, con­tact the cus­tomer CARE-line at 1800 880 2273 (CARE) or 03-7785 6288 or visit www.care­mark.com.my

MGO Manuka Honey has been proven to sup­port good di­ges­tive health. Pic­ture shows the CEOs of Manuka Health (from left) Kerry Paul, Prof Peter Molan and Prof Thomas Henle.

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