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Aloe vera is an ex­tra­or­di­nary plant and is pos­si­bly the most widely used heal­ing and beau­ti­fy­ing el­e­ment in his­tory. It looks like a cac­tus, but ac­tu­ally be­longs to the same lily fam­ily as onions and gar­lic.

The re­la­tion­ship be­tween man and this plant dates back to around 4000BC when it was used to help nat­u­ral heal­ing of bat­tle wound.

How­ever, it was the Greek and Ro­man au­thors Dioscorides and Pliny around 60AD that pro­vided us with the most de­tailed doc­u­men­ta­tion of aloe vera’s wide ar­ray of ap­pli­ca­tion. They com­mented that the plant was used ex­ten­sively to ben­e­fit both ex­ter­nal and in­ter­nal health.

There are over 280 dif­fer­ent species found, but Aloe Bar­baden­sis has the best and most clearly re­searched health pro­mot­ing prop­er­ties.

From its soothing ef­fect on dry and chafed skin to its set­tling ef­fect on the di­ges­tion aloe vera has been used widely for pro­mot­ing op­ti­mum health.

More­over, two of the most al­lur­ing leg­endary egyp­tian queens, Ne­fer­titi and Cleopa­tra, re­lied on aloe vera to main­tain their un­lined and youth­ful com­plex­ion by both drink­ing the juice and bathing in it.

Many of us know that aloe vera is a po­tent wound heal­ing rem­edy and skin beau­ti­fy­ing agent on ap­pli­ca­tion.

In fact, it also pro­vides amaz­ing heal­ing prop­er­ties when it is taken orally. Through the years peo­ple have been tak­ing aloe vera to re­lieve the symp­toms of indi­ges­tion, es­pe­cially in Aus­trala­sia.

Indi­ges­tion is a com­mon health prob­lem for new mod­ern peo­ple. The per­son who has indi­ges­tion prob­lems may ex­pe­ri­ence dis­com­fort like stom­ach ache, bloat­ed­ness, belch­ing, gas, flat­u­lence, nau­sea or vom­it­ing when­ever a meal is taken, even light snack.

There are var­i­ous rea­sons for indi­ges­tion: > Un­healthy diet – eat too fast or too much, ir­reg­u­lar meals, too much of oily, spicy or pro­cessed food > Stress­ful life­style – stress from work, house­hold, traf­fic, etc > ex­cess al­co­holic drinks > Smok­ing > Con­sis­tent fa­tigue

The symp­toms of indi­ges­tion can be­come in­tol­er­a­bly painful and could in­di­cate more se­ri­ous health prob­lems like gas­tri­tis, ir­ri­ta­ble bowel move­ment (IBM), heart­burn or more.

Aloe vera helps to re­lieve indi­ges­tion prob­lems by restor­ing bal­ance of the di­ges­tive sys­tem with sev­eral ways:

> Soothes the stom­ach and in­tes­tine to re­duce the ir­ri­tat­ing re­ac­tion

> Main­tains healthy bac­te­ria

Two of the most al­lur­ing leg­endary Egyp­tian queens, Ne­fer­titi and Cleopa­tra, re­lied on aloe vera to main­tain their youth­ful com­plex­ion.

en­vi­ron­ment in stom­ach for bet­ter nu­tri­ent ab­sorp­tion

> Set­tles stom­ach up­set and pains with its anti-in­flam­ma­tory com­pounds

> Im­proves the reg­u­lar­ity of bowel for bet­ter waste elim­i­na­tion

The con­sump­tion of aloe vera has to be done with cau­tion due to a com­po­nent called Aloin found be­tween the leaf skin and in­ner gel. Aloin has proven to cause strong purga­tive and lax­a­tive ef­fects un­suit­able to those with a sen­si­tive di­ges­tive sys­tem.

There­fore, only the in­ner gel is vi­able for indi­ges­tion with­out ir­ri­tat­ing the stom­ach.

Be­sides the ben­e­fits of soothing, aloe vera also is a plant with very strong sur­vival char­ac­ter­is­tics. It can sur­vive for months by re­ly­ing on the nu­tri­ents from the gel in­side the leaves. It con­tains rich nu­tri­tion and wa­ter in the in­ner gel of the leaves which is the aloe vera’s lifeblood.

There are more than 100 min­er­als, en­zymes, vi­ta­mins and other nu­tri­ent com­pounds that are only avail­able in Aloe Vera.

This give rise to a wide ar­ray of nat­u­ral health ap­pli­ca­tions. There are many who use aloe vera in a more con­ve­nient way, which is made into ready use form for top­i­cal and oral prod­ucts. The qual­ity, how­ever, may vary due to the species of aloe vera cho­sen, the parts of leaves used and the method of process. The In­ter­na­tional Aloe Sci­ence Coun­cil (IASC) is a non-profit trade or­gan­i­sa­tion for aloe vera in­dus­try world­wide and serves as li­ai­son and a source of in­for­ma­tion for re­search, de­vel­op­ment and pro­mo­tion of aloe vera and as­so­ci­ated prod­ucts.

In their cer­ti­fi­ca­tion pro­gramme for raw ma­te­ri­als and fin­ished prod­ucts, they pro­tect con­sumers from com­pa­nies that use adul­ter­ated aloe and from mak­ing false prod­uct claims.

It presents an as­sur­ance to cus­tomers of the qual­ity of the aloe vera they are pur­chas­ing.

For more in­for­ma­tion, call lifestream/Care­Mark at 1800 880 2273 or 03-7785 6288 or visit the web­site at www. care­

Aloe Vera helps to re­lieve indi­ges­tion by restor­ing bal­ance of the di­ges­tive


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