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Con­sti­pa­tion is a com­mon di­ges­tive com­plaint in to­day’s mod­ern life­style. a con­gested colon causes ir­reg­u­lar bowel move­ments.

Con­sti­pa­tion and bloat­ed­ness are sig­nals of tox­i­c­ity in body. the in­creas­ing ac­cu­mu­la­tion of tox­ins will not only af­fect the con­di­tion of your colon, it will af­fect your en­tire sys­tem when the tox­ins re-cir­cu­late in your body and “pol­lute” all the other cells.

as a re­sult, we will ex­pe­ri­ence acne, dull com­plex­ion, bad breath, poor di­ges­tion, tired­ness, bloated stom­ach and oth­ers. the longer the fe­cal mat­ter stays in your bowel, the higher the risk that you are ex­posed to dis­eases.

Here are some ways to avoid con­sti­pa­tion:

> Have a bal­anced diet – con­sume more fruits and veg­eta­bles daily and cut down food rich in an­i­mal fats.

> Drink enough wa­ter – wa­ter adds fluid to the stools for easy pas­sage. not drink­ing enough wa­ter can lead to hard dry stools

> Get enough ex­er­cise – be­ing ac­tive will in­crease your di­ges­tive health. a 30-minute walk ev­ery day will help a lot.

> pro­mote good bowel habits – do not ig­nore the urge to have a bowel move­ment. the longer you de­lay, the more wa­ter is ab­sorbed from your stool and the harder it will be­come.

> Detox reg­u­larly – a reg­u­lar detox pro­gramme is nec­es­sary to flush out tox­ins and hard­ened waste from in­testi­nal tract and re­store healthy di­ges­tive sys­tem.

to detox, go for a nat­u­ral detox tea that helps im­prove your to­tal well­ness in a safe and ef­fec­tive way. as it helps your bowel move, it also be­comes eas­ier for you to lose weight be­sides giv­ing you higher lev­els of en­ergy.

Akademi Fan­ta­sia 5 win­ner Mila Jirin has been tak­ing it since 2010 and now has less break­outs, bet­ter com­plex­ion and finds it eas­ier to main­tain her ideal body weight.

“i be­lieve that a per­son with a ra­di­ant com­plex­ion and slen­der body most likely has a healthy body and colon.

“there­fore, a con­sis­tent detox pro­gramme to flush out all the tox­ins from my body is a must so that i can look great,” says Mila.

Fel­low AF5 con­tes­tant Gadaffi is­mail sabri, pop­u­larly known as Dafi, be­gan tak­ing the nH Detoxlim detox tea reg­u­larly when it took away his di­ges­tion prob­lems.

“With my busy life­style, i used to have ir­reg­u­lar meals and an im­bal­anced diet. over time, i suf­fered from con­sti­pa­tion and a bloated stom­ach. thanks to Mila’s rec­om­men­da­tion of this detox tea, i no longer suf­fer from a bloated stom­ach and indi­ges­tion prob­lems now,” says Dafi.

Made from 100% or­ganic green tea and nat­u­ral herbs, nH Detoxlim detox tea works nat­u­rally and gen­tly in bowel cleansing and elim­i­nat­ing all tox­ins and ex­cess fat stored in the bowel area.

th­ese herbs are gen­tle to the body and can help re­lieve con­sti­pa­tion, ir­ri­ta­ble bowel syn­drome, flat­u­lence and a bloated tummy. the tea does not over-stim­u­late the gas­troin­testi­nal tract and does not cause any wa­ter loss or bowel de­pen­dency prob­lems. it may im­prove your over­all well be­ing, en­hance your di­ges­tive sys­tem, in­crease me­tab­o­lism and stim­u­late your bowel move­ment.

its in­gre­di­ents have been ap­proved by the Health Min­istry and is cer­ti­fied ha­lal by Jakim. its man­u­fac­tur­ing pro­cesses also com­ply with in­ter­na­tional Good Man­u­fac­tur­ing prac­tices stan­dards.

nH Detoxlim’s tea is sold at all lead­ing phar­ma­cies, hy­per­mar­kets and se­lected tra­di­tional med­i­cal halls na­tion­wide.

it is also avail­able in sin­ga­pore and Brunei. its prod­uct li­a­bil­ity insurance is re­cently val­ued up to Us$1mil (RM3.2mil), an as­sur­ance of the po­tency and safety of its all­nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents that pro­duce no side ef­fects. this prod­uct also won the Guardian Cus­tomers’ Choice award from 2008 till 2012.

For de­tails, call nH Care­line: 1300 882 993 (Mon­day to Fri­day, 9am to 6pm), visit www.nhdetoxlim.com or join it on Face­book.

Detox­i­fy­ing can be done eas­ily by en­joy­ing a cup of detox tea af­ter a meal.

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