Have a game plan

There’s still hope in fulfilling those res­o­lu­tions!

The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - BRAT'S - By DENIELLE LEONG

IT has taken me for­ever to write this par­tic­u­lar ar­ti­cle. While I would nor­mally blame lethal doses of pro­cras­ti­na­tion and Candy Crush; this time, my mind has been pre­oc­cu­pied with some­thing en­tirely dif­fer­ent – my plans for the new year!

This self-pro­claimed (bor­der­line) ki­asu writer in­tends on ac­com­plish­ing a lot in the next 365 days.

They’re not res­o­lu­tions, though. I’m more of a plan­ner, and I plan very much in ad­vance. I make game plans – and not mere res­o­lu­tions – to achieve my goals.

In 2013, I wanted to progress as a jour­nal­ist so I de­cided (like, half a year ahead) that I would spend three months as an in­tern for R.AGE be­fore start­ing my de­gree.

I had it all planned out: I took a four-month gap af­ter com­plet­ing my foun­da­tion in arts, I sent in my ap­pli­ca­tion two months be­fore that, and I com­pleted the in­tern­ship.

Not only did I spend three good months with R.AGE, I also got to con­tinue grow­ing as a jour­nal­ist as part of the BRATs editorial team. I guess it’s safe to say my 2013 game plan worked.

But I wouldn’t know if it’s the same for oth­ers

few weeks ago, The Star On­line had a sur­vey ask­ing its read­ers if they nor­mally keep to their new year’s res­o­lu­tions. Al­though they have yet to re­veal the over­all sta­tis­tics, I be­lieve we can all agree that peo­ple hardly do, and I think I know why.

Just the other day, a friend tweeted: “It’s al­most 2014 and I haven’t started writ­ing my res­o­lu­tions. But it’s not like I fol­low them any­way.”

Per­haps we young peo­ple today are start­ing to lose our fo­cus and di­rec­tion to ac­com­plish things. We’re so sus­cep­ti­ble to dis­trac­tions, lazi­ness, com­pla­cency and temp­ta­tion. We get bored so eas­ily.

And that’s why the idea of res­o­lu­tions has lost its value. They’re just a spark of tem­po­rary mo­ti­va­tion brought about by some il­lu­sion of a new be­gin­ning at the start of the cal­en­dar year.

Yet we still try to make prom­ises to our­selves on new year’s eve with hopes that, this time, it’s dif­fer­ent.

From what I’ve learnt, es­pe­cially in the past year, res­o­lu­tions made without some kind of game plan usu­ally end up fruit­less.

So this year, try plan­ning out your res­o­lu­tions in­stead. Don’t just set a goal – plot out your jour­ney to get there. And if you asked me, be­ing a lit­tle ki­asu helps some­times.

On be­half of the BRATs, I would like to wish you all a happy 2014, and happy game plan­ning!

The writer is the ed­i­tor of the BRATs editorial team. BRATs is The Star’s young jour­nal­ist pro­gramme, or­gan­ised by R.AGE. For more in­for­ma­tion, go to face­book.com/star­brats.


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