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Colours can en­hance one’s per­sonal well-be­ing and/or im­prove the feng shui of your house or of­fice. With the right colours, you can tap into the strong­est en­ergy for good for­tune.

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IN 2014 (or Jia Wood Horse year), the most in­flu­en­tial colour is green, said feng shui ex­pert Kenny Hoo.

This colour of the year is said to garner pos­i­tive qi (or en­ergy) for good luck.

The colour ex­perts at Du­lux – a brand of Ak­zoNo­bel– re­search cen­tre in the Nether­lands, chose teal (bluish green) as the colour for 2014. In Man­darin, this colour is called sui ya ser (or the colour of Man­darin duck), said Hoo, who fur­ther ex­plained that the ex­perts’ colour anal­y­sis “matched 100%” with the colours of feng shui anal­y­sis.

We can reap the ben­e­fits of us­ing colours. To create good qi, Hoo said, wear green clothes or use prod­ucts that are green in colour. It is also a good colour for your house or prod­uct pack­ag­ing or brand­ing, added Hoo, who is the feng shui am­bas­sador for Du­lux Malaysia. He shared about colour feng shui tips for 2014 at a Chi­nese New Year lun­cheon hosted by Du­lux in Kuala Lumpur re­cently.

This year, the Wood el­e­ment is very strong and casts a global in­flu­ence. Ac­cord­ing to him, this el­e­ment sig­ni­fies “growth”, so stag­nancy can be ruled out.

Wood also rep­re­sents char­ity and car­ing for oth­ers. So, this year, many peo­ple will get in­volved in char­ity work or forge part­ner­ships. There will also be ac­tiv­i­ties to care for the en­vi­ron­ment. Over­all, 2014 will be a more peace­ful year com­pared to last year.

Lucky shades

In­di­vid­u­als born from Feb 4 to May 4 should use more Metal and Earth colours like white and sil­ver, yel­low and brown, said Hoo.

For those whose birthdays fall be­tween May 5 and Aug 7, use more blue to en­hance your qi.

Those born be­tween Aug 8 and Nov 7 should in­cor­po­rate more green.

These in­di­vid­u­als are very lucky this year be­cause the Wood el­e­ment is very strong.

“When the Wood Horse year takes effect from Feb 4, you will feel en­er­gised. Ev­ery­thing will fall into place. Even money will come your way eas­ily,” quipped Hoo.

The lucky colour for those born from Nov 8 to Feb 3 is red.

Like a colour­ful food plat­ter that is ap­petis­ing and healthy, colours can be com­bined to create “func­tional ef­fects” for good feng shui.

Du­lux has a unique colour chart based on the birth date and month of a per­son. Hoo said the chart gives the colour com­bi­na­tions to en­hance one’s love life, health, fi­nances, or re­la­tion­ship with the no­ble per­son.

Ideal hues for homes

Use teal or green in the North sec­tor of the house, sug­gested Hoo. Add a bit of other colours, such as red or pur­ple (even in the bed­room) to en­hance luck or pos­i­tive feng shui ef­fects. Or con­sider dif­fer­ent tones of green.

If you and your spouse share the lucky colour red, avoid ex­ces­sive use of red in the bed­room. Red is known to pro­voke ag­gres­sion and re­sult in quar­rels.

Hoo said the No.9 star in the North is as­so­ci­ated with cel­e­bra­tory events as­so­ci­ated with ca­reer, money luck, off­spring, mar­riage and love life. This star has “mul­ti­ple­func­tion qi”.

In the North-East sec­tor, re­paint the wall blue to en­hance one’s money luck.

“You may even work less yet gain more (money),” said Hoo.

In the South-East sec­tor (oc­cu­pied by the No.3 or quar­rel­some star), use red or pur­ple to re­duce the neg­a­tive im­pact of the star.

In the South sec­tor, paint the wall yel­low or place a yel­low lamp (and switch it on for 24 hours) to create money luck.

Hoo said: “Feng shui is a suc­cess booster, not magic. It helps us to create the qi (for good luck) and no­ble per­son(s) com­ing to help us so that we do the right thing at the right time.”

The kitchen is a Fire-re­lated sec­tor. Try not to paint it blue as this colour is re­lated to Wa­ter (el­e­ment) and will clash with the Fire el­e­ment. Choose warm colours like red or or­ange com­bined with green.

The din­ing hall should sport vi­brant colours. Red or ap­ple-green colours are suit­able for this area as they are said to pro­mote dy­namism, boost ap­petite and pro­mote con­ver­sa­tion. Avoid black and white be­cause, in such a set­ting, fam­ily mem­bers may end up only sit­ting and eat­ing there, but not talk­ing to one an­other.

The bath­room is Wa­ter-re­lated. Take care not to paint it red or you may feel hot even af­ter show­er­ing!

In the East sec­tor, put the com­pany’s group photo to create pos­i­tive qi to at­tract no­ble per­sons.

For plants, se­lect wisely and do not put them in the bed­room or the hall. Don’t place the plant known as “mother-in-law tongue” or li­dah jin – sci­en­tific name, San­se­vieria tri­fasci­iata – at home as it could give rise to a lot of quar­rels, said Hoo. The plant has long and sharp yel­low­green leaves. How­ever, the money plant or big leafy plants can be placed in the wealth sec­tor at 45° at the cor­ner of the main door.

This year, the scholas­tic star will be lo­cated in the cen­tre of the house. Use more green in this sec- tor to en­hance the aca­demic re­sults of chil­dren. Place four stalks of bam­boo in a vase or dis­play four Chi­nese brushes or pens if you want the fam­ily to be smarter!

For the of­fice, dis­play pho­to­graphs of award-win­ning events or tro­phies to help at­tract more no­ble per­sons (like clients who ap­proach you for projects). Or re­paint this area with dif­fer­ent tones of red.

In 2014, avoid putting any­thing green­ish in the South-East sec­tor. In­stead, put some­thing red or pur­ple.

On paint­ings with wa­ter or foun­tain (which some peo­ple be­lieve sym­bol­ise money), Hoo ad­vised against hang­ing such paint­ings be­hind your seat.

“Wa­ter ‘flow­ing’ on your head is bad for health. Hang such paint­ings fac­ing your ta­ble in­stead,” he ad­vised.

“In the house, such wa­ter-based paint­ings should not face the main door or money will flow out.”

Some peo­ple toy with the idea of putting paint­ings with fierce crea­tures, such as snakes or tigers, which can be in­tim­i­dat­ing to the staff. Such a move is not ad­vis­able. Avoid fear­some an­i­mal paint­ings. Also those born un­der the Mon­key zo­diac should avoid hang­ing a paint­ing of a Tiger as both signs clash.

The Horse year, Hoo said, is also a “love (peach) blos­som” year. Mar­ried cou­ples will have ba­bies, and restau­rants will fare well (from busi­nesses of cel­e­bra­tory events).

“You can se­lect and dis­play en­er­getic horse stat­ues but not those of a weak horse,” he said.

Ups and downs

On this year’s fore­cast, Hoo said that the first six months will be a bit chal­leng­ing. It is a time to re­struc­ture or plan one’s busi­ness for a bet­ter fu­ture. 2014 is a year of many changes, ups and downs. The key word for 2014 is gui which stands for no­bil­ity. The word also means ex­pen­sive and pre­cious. In his feng shui talk, Hoo used the word to con­vey the mes­sage gui tor yit tean – Man­darin for ev­ery­thing will be a bit more ex­pen­sive.

“Prices will soar and put us off­bal­ance with its ups and downs. We need to work with good part­ners (or noble­men). Af­ter the third quar­ter of the year, ev­ery­thing will be all right.”

He said it is a good year for the stock mar­ket as there will be op­por­tu­ni­ties and ex­cite­ment.

The Horse Year is also a good year for mar­riage and con­ceiv­ing ba­bies.

Ba­bies born this year (6.03am on Feb 4, 2014, to 11.57am on Feb 4, 2015) will grow up to be suc­cess­ful per­sons.

Burst of colours: an in­tri­cate and elab­o­rate il­lu­mi­na­tion in Sichuan prov­ince, China. Pur­ple, red and yel­low are good colours for this year. — Filepic

‘Green is the colour of 2014. use more green to at­tract more qi for good for­tune,’ said feng shui ex­pert Kenny Hoo.

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