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Fresh milk has a fat con­tent of about 3%. When left alone, fresh milk sep­a­rates into skim milk and cream, with the cream con­tain­ing the fat.

While fat in milk makes it sat­is­fy­ing to drink, it some­times raises con­cern that it ac­tu­ally causes weight gain.

The body ac­tu­ally needs a lit­tle fat to aid the meta­bolic process. how­ever, con­sum­ing too much fat leads to ex­ces­sive calo­rie in­take.

This can be avoided by con­sum­ing a milk drink like Good­day Fresh Milk in the right pro­por­tion to other foods in the food pyra­mid.

Milk is placed in the same group as eggs, meat, fish, poul­try and dairy prod­ucts like cheese.

If you have more milk, you should cut back on those other items. The idea is to look at your over­all in­take of calo­ries from the food you eat and keep it down if you want to watch your weight.

What re­ally con­trib­utes to weight gain is go­ing over­board on high calo­rie and fat­ten­ing foods.

Malaysians love nasi lemak, fried chicken, burg­ers, cakes, sweet­ened drinks and other foods which have a higher calo­rie con­tent than milk. Foods such as th­ese are the main cul­prits be­hind the obe­sity epi­demic.

Ac­cord­ing to the Na­tional health and Mor­bid­ity sur­vey 2011, a stag­ger­ing 44.5% of Malaysians are obese or over­weight. De­spite con­tain­ing fat, a milk drink like Good­day Fresh Milk can help you slim down. This is be­cause milk is so rich, it helps to sat­isfy your ap­petite.

Good­day Fresh Milk can help re­duce hunger pangs and pre­vent eat­ing bad fat­ten­ing foods high in car­bo­hy­drates, fats and calo­ries that cause weight gain.

Plus, if you are di­et­ing to lose weight, you may miss out on cer­tain nu­tri­ents.

Good­day Fresh Milk can help to fill in the gaps. Many nutri­tion­ists place milk in a food group of its own along with other dairy prod­ucts due to its im­por­tant nutritional source. Con­sum­ing an ad­e­quate amount of Good­day Fresh Milk en­sures that you get the nu­tri­ents your body needs to stay healthy.

The cal­cium found in milk is in­com­pa­ra­ble and one of the most im­por­tant for build­ing strong bones and teeth.

Good­day Fresh Milk is also rich in pro­tein, which helps build, main­tain and re­place body tis­sues.

While pro­tein is also found in food such as meat and poul­try, many choose to eat oily and fatty foods like fried chicken and burg­ers which cause weight gain.

Get­ting th­ese es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents from drink­ing milk is a far bet­ter op­tion. It also pro­vides car­bo­hy­drates for en­ergy and es­sen­tial vi­ta­mins such as vitamin D for ab­sorp­tion of cal­cium, and vitamin A for healthy vi­sion and skin.

Make Good­day Fresh Milk a part of your nu­tri­tious and bal­anced daily diet, even with the lit­tle fat.

Take milk in the right pro­por­tion and keep an eye on your over­all calo­rie in­take.

Good­day, from susu Lembu Asli Mar­ket­ing sdn Bhd, of­fers four vari­ants – Full Cream, Fresh Milk, Choco­late Milk and Low Fat Milk.

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Milk is placed in the same group as eggs, meat, fish, poul­try and dairy prod­ucts.

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