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MOST of us take sup­ple­ments to pro­vide our bi­o­log­i­cal sys­tem the nu­tri­ents that may oth­er­wise be lack­ing. Vi­ta­mins, min­er­als or herbs – th­ese are be­lieved to help strengthen a per­son’s over­all health and keep him/her look­ing youth­ful.

That said, th­ese sup­ple­ments do noth­ing if not ab­sorbed by the body.

No mat­ter how dili­gently you keep to it, the added nu­tri­ents you take will only go to waste un­less they are utilised.

The same goes for nu­tri­ents from your ev­ery­day diet.

When you eat food such as bread, meat and veg­eta­bles, they are not in a form that the body can use as nour­ish­ment. They need to be di­gested and ab­sorbed.

One way to en­sure your body ab­sorbs nu­tri­ents ef­fi­ciently is by con­sum­ing Kinohimitsu J’pan Bio Booster, the first and only prod­uct in the mar­ket that uses a sym­bi­otic-or­ganic blend of in­gre­di­ents.

It is power-packed with an ex­clu­sive for­mu­la­tion of high-per­for­mance pro­bi­otics, prebiotics and vi­ta­mins.

The good bac­te­ria (Bi­fi­dobac­terium longum) of Kinohimitsu J’pan Bio Booster is con­tained us­ing a spe­cialised tri­lay­ered mi­croen­cap­su­la­tion tech­nol­ogy. This makes it re­sis­tant to heat, gastric acid and bile.

As the tri­lay­ered mi­croen­cap­su­la­tion tech­nol­ogy in­creases the vi­a­bil­ity of the pro­bi­otics, it en­ables the good bac­te­ria to ef­fec­tively reach the in­testi­nal wall with­out be­ing de­stroyed so they can at­tach them­selves, grow and mul­ti­ply.

Apart from that, Kinohimitsu J’pan Bio Booster con­tains xy­looligosac­cha­ride, galac­tooligosac­cha­ride, nu­triose and vi­ta­mins – in­gre­di­ents that al­low for the op­ti­mum growth of good bac­te­ria in the gut.

By re­plen­ish­ing the good bac­te­ria found on the in­testi­nal wall, the prod­uct helps clear the tox­ins and harm­ful bac­te­ria found in the same area. It catal­y­ses the break­down of semi-di­gested and undi­gested food, plus aids in the syn­the­sis of en­ergy pro­mot­ing vitamin B in the in­tes­tine.

Tests car­ried out on 100 Asian women and men (ages 18 to 60) us­ing Kinohimitsu J’pan Beauty Bio Booster (un­der Derma-Lab su­per­vi­sion by TOYO BIOTEC Lab, Ja­pan) showed an in­crease of more than two times in bioavail­abil­ity of nu­tri­ents. pow­der form.

The prod­uct is shelf sta­ble at room tem­per­a­ture when sealed in its orig­i­nal pack­age.

Kinohimitsu J’pan Bio Booster can be taken with other prod­ucts from the brand. Kinohimitsu J’pan Beauty Drink, J’pan Col­la­gen Di­a­mond 5300 Drink, J’pan Col­la­gen Men Drink and J’pan Stem­Cell Drink, UV Bright and ProWhite, among oth­ers, of­fer quick and ef­fec­tive reme­dies for both your beauty and health needs.

Kinohimitsu J’pan Beauty Bio Booster is avail­able in boxes of 30 sa­chets each.

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En­hanced im­mune sys­tem re­in­forces the body’s nat­u­ral de­fence mech­a­nism which helps to boost im­mu­nity and pre­vent al­ler­gies.

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