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IN the mod­ern world we live in to­day, it is all about get­ting things to work bet­ter and faster.

We want our food to be de­li­cious and fast. We want our In­ter­net con­nec­tion to be steady and fast. We want our hair salon to make us look good, fast.

We want our fash­ion and tech­nol­ogy in­dus­try to give us new in­no­va­tions – fast.

And for those of us with weight prob­lems, we def­i­nitely want to lose weight fast too!

We have seen celebri­ties los­ing weight or post-baby fat in the blink of an eye, but the truth be­hind ev­ery slen­der fig­ure or ripped body are ex­pen­sive per­sonal fit­ness train­ers and di­eti­cians.

Los­ing weight is not easy, es­pe­cially when Malaysia is home to an abun­dance of mouth-wa­ter­ing del­i­ca­cies.

With all the great food, long work hours and seden­tary life­styles, it is dif­fi­cult to lose weight fast un­less we are the lucky few with ex­tremely high meta­bolic rate or have loads of money to hire per­sonal train­ers and di­eti­cians. Is there a sim­pler, af­ford­able and faster way?

Yes! The newly im­proved To­tal Im­age Fast­loss Drink is a nat­u­ral botan­i­cal drink that helps you lose weight fast with­out ex­treme di­et­ing and stren­u­ous ex­er­cise.

For­mu­lated in France, the new im­proved for­mula pro­vides bet­ter and faster re­sults with its en­hanced in­gre­di­ents. To­tal Im­age Fast­loss Drink in­cor­po­rates the com­bi­na­tion of two unique weight-loss sciences: • Sci­ence of fat block­ing • Sci­ence of car­bo­hy­drate

block­ing Made from a blend of re­search­sup­ported botan­i­cal in­gre­di­ents such as brown sea­weed, green tea and Cit­rus Au­ran­tium (bit­ter orange) ex­tracts, To­tal Im­age Fast­loss Drink has been sci­en­tif­i­cally proven to aid weight man­age­ment with­out strict di­et­ing and stren­u­ous ex­er­cise.

When taken daily, this all nat­u­ral botan­i­cal drink works to in­crease me­tab­o­lism to burn calo­ries and re­duce fat, blocks su­gar from get­ting stored as fat, pre­vents fat from be­ing stored in small in­testines, pro­longs the ef­fect of fat burn­ing (ther­mo­ge­n­e­sis) and re­duces ap­petite while nour­ish­ing your body with an­tiox­i­dants, phy­tonu­tri­ents, vi­ta­mins and min­er­als.

Tast­ing great in an easy-to­con­sume liq­uid form for op­ti­mum ab­sorp­tion, To­tal Im­age Fast­loss Drink is your an­swer to weight loss.

Nat­u­ral, botan­i­cal weight-loss in­gre­di­ents

• Brown sea­weed ex­tract pro­motes weight loss by re­duc­ing fat for­ma­tion in our cells. Called fu­cox­an­thin, the com­pound was dis­cov­ered by Ja­panese chemists to be able to achieve 5% to 10% weight re­duc­tion.

Sourced from the coast of Brit­tany, the brown sea­weed ex­tract also con­tains polyphe­nols-phlorotanins which has the abil­ity to in­hibit amy­lase and li­pase en­zyme ac­tiv­i­ties. Amy­lase con­verts carbs into su­gar while li­pase di­gests fats.

The io­dine con­tent of this in­gre­di­ent also helps to in­crease me­tab­o­lism.

• Green Tea Ex­tract which con­tains salu­bri­ous polyphe­nols – par­tic­u­larly cat­e­chins, carotenoids, to­co­pherols, ascor­bic acid (vitamin C), min­er­als such as chromium, man­ganese, se­le­nium or zinc, and cer­tain phy­to­chem­i­cal com­pounds – is known to in­duce ther­mo­ge­n­e­sis and stim­u­late fat ox­i­da­tion, boost­ing the meta­bolic rate by up to 4%.

Green tea also helps in de­lay­ing gastric emp­ty­ing, which means you get a longer feel­ing of full­ness af­ter each meal.

• Cit­rus au­ran­tium has been re­searched proven to in­crease body en­ergy and stim­u­lat­ing beta-three adren­er­gic re­cep­tors that help break down stub­born fat known as lipol­y­sis.

It also helps in­crease me­tab­o­lism and pro­vides en­ergy to burn more calo­ries.

If you want to lose weight fast, pick up a To­tal Im­age Fast­loss Drink. Just one bot­tle a day with mod­er­ate di­etary in­take (min­i­mal sug­ary drink and high fat con­tent foods), ad­e­quate wa­ter in­take (two to three litres daily) and reg­u­lar ex­er­cise (20 to 30 min­utes a day), and you will achieve a no­tice­able re­duc­tion in body weight, relief from bloat­ed­ness and re­duc­tion in wa­ter re­ten­tion in just two months.

To­tal Im­age Fast­loss Drink Buy 2 Get 1 Free pro­mo­tion is now back. From now till March 31, cus­tomers who pur­chase two boxes of Fast­loss Drink (22ml x 30 bot­tles) will re­ceive one box of Fast­loss Drink (22ml x 30 bot­tles) worth RM155 (one month con­sump­tion) free.

Col­lect the two Fast­loss Drink 30 bot­tles bar­codes and pur­chase re­ceipt(s) and write down your full name, IC num­ber, mail­ing ad­dress, con­tact num­ber and email.

Post the bar­codes, pur­chase re­ceipt(s) and per­sonal de­tails to: To­tal Im­age Re­gional (M) Sdn Bhd, Lot 32, Jalan E 1/3, Ta­man Eh­san, Ke­pong, Se­lan­gor Darul Eh­san, Malaysia.

Al­ter­na­tively, a re­demp­tion form can be down­loaded from Face­book/To­talI­mageMalaysia.

To­tal Im­age Fast­loss Drink is suit­able for both men and women. This prod­uct is cer­ti­fied ha­lal.

It is now avail­able at Guardian, Wat­sons, Car­ing and all lead­ing phar­ma­cies na­tion­wide re­tail­ing at RM155 for a one-month sup­ply in a box of 22ml x 30 bot­tles.

For more in­for­ma­tion, call 03-6272 1111 or visit www.to­tal­im­age.com.my. Find it on Face­book/To­talI­mageMalaysia.

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