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aQUariUS (Jan 21 to feb 19): leO (July 24 to aug 23): to­day brings good friends to you and you will go out to your friends. there could be some sort of party, per­haps a birth­day party or an en­gage­ment party. What­ever it is, you can bet on hav­ing a happy time. VirgO (aug 24 to Sept 23): the stars you have to­day usu­ally bring an ego boost and a lift in your gen­eral pres­tige. Since it’s the weekend, you do pretty well in a hobby or in­ter­est, and even go up a grade. Cause for celebration. libra (Sept 24 to Oct 23): Some Li­brans will take off for dis­tant places to­day. even if you don’t ac­tu­ally go to some dis­tant place, your mind will be there and you will prob­a­bly even try to call and speak to some­one in some far­away place. SCOrPiO (Oct 24 to Nov 22): Once again your mind is on the things Scor­pios think about. Scorpio is said to be the sexy sign of the zo­diac, so you join the dots. this evening looks pretty in­ter­est­ing. SagiTTariUS (Nov 23 to dec 22): the thing favoured to­day is mar­riage or part­ner­ships. the stars bring­ing th­ese things are good, so what­ever hap­pens in this area is bound to be good. With th­ese stars, all you need to do is let the good things hap­pen. CaPriCOrN (dec 23 to Jan 20): If you feel off-colour, you can blame your stars. Well you prob­a­bly will blame your stars, but in re­al­ity, be­cause of re­cent ex­cesses, per­haps you should shoul­der some of the re­spon­si­bil­ity your­self. a good evening.

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