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aQUariUS (Jan 21 to feb 19): leO (July 24 to aug 23): They say, ‘ no good deed shall go un­pun­ished’ and to­day is proof of this say­ing with some­thing nice you did some time ago com­ing back to bite you. don’t let this pre­vent you from do­ing nice things. VirgO (aug 24 to Sept 23): There are good stars for be­ing with peo­ple and do­ing fun things. Th­ese stars will bring some sort of re­ward, some­thing you didn’t ex­pect. This won’t be any­thing big, but it will be nice and you will ap­pre­ci­ate it. libra (Sept 24 to Oct 23): you will be in happy mode for most of the day. Nat­u­rally, some­one will note your happy vibes and do their best to rain on your pa­rade. don’t let them, Libra, you have nice vibes around you. Make a point of us­ing them. SCOrPiO (Oct 24 to Nov 22): There are good stars for any sort of travel and things to do with dis­tant places. If you were think­ing of go­ing away at some dis­tant time, now is the time to do some­thing about it, while the vibes are good. SagiTTariUS (Nov 23 to dec 22): Good stars for joint fi­nances. The best that can hap­pen un­der th­ese stars is, you will see a way to make your life eas­ier and still buy lux­ury good­ies. CaPriCOrN (dec 23 to Jan 20): There are good stars for mar­riage and in­ti­mate re­la­tion­ships. Th­ese stars might not have you mak­ing love like tigers un­til dawn each day, but they will bring af­fec­tion.

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