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YOUR emo­tional state has di­rect im­pact on the wa­ter in your body. Af­ter all, 75% of our bod­ies are com­posed of wa­ter and it has mem­ory.

Yes, wa­ter can re­mem­ber. Wa­ter holds the fre­quency of a sub­stance even af­ter it is re­moved. Wa­ter has elec­tro­mag­netic and chem­i­cal qual­i­ties, which en­able it to break down sub­stances into their con­stituent parts and ab­sorb en­ergy vi­bra­tions. It acts like a mag­netic tape – in­for­ma­tion can be im­pressed by out­side el­e­ments and the struc­ture of wa­ter changes.

Some in­ter­est­ing re­search done by Dr Masaru Emoto on crys­tals of frozen wa­ter re­vealed rather shock­ing re­sults. As it turns out, thought, sound, words and prayer have ef­fect on the wa­ter it­self. Like­wise, quan­tum physics has proven that emo­tion has pro­found im­pact on our health.

There­fore, it is ap­par­ent that our at­ten­tion to wa­ter should not just be con­fined to pu­rity or safety. The struc­ture of the wa­ter within our bod­ies is also crit­i­cal. Sci­en­tific re­search shows that age­ing is due to the loss of hexagonal wa­ter from or­gans, tis­sues and cells, and over­all de­crease in to­tal body wa­ter. This con­di­tion causes us to be more vul­ner­a­ble to ill­ness. Both can­cer and di­a­betes have a com­mon fea­ture – the de­struc­tion of wa­ter struc­ture at the cel­lu­lar level.

So here is the ques­tion, can your wa­ter treat­ment sys- tem treat the trapped fre­quency in the wa­ter?

VWA Cel­lu­lar Func­tional Wa­ter Sys­tem is rated as the No.1 wa­ter ioniser by three ma­jor sur­veys in the United States. This is at­trib­uted to its state-of-the-art hy­brid plate tech­nol­ogy. It has the largest elec­tri­cal con­duc­tiv­ity area (ECA) and so is able to pro­duce the high­est count of an­tiox­i­dant (-ORP) in the in­dus­try. At a touch of the screen, you are get­ting 10,000 times greater an­tiox­i­dant po­tency than vitamin C.

By restor­ing a healthier bi­o­log­i­cal ter­rain, peo­ple can en­joy greater men­tal alert­ness, bound­less en­ergy, ra­di­ant skin and over­all well-be­ing. Over the past seven years in Malaysia and Sin­ga­pore, count­less fam­i­lies have ben­e­fited from this wa­ter.

For more de­tails, log on to www.vwawa­ter.com or con­tact the cus­tomer ser­vice hot­line at 1300 222 123.

VWA Cel­lu­lar Func­tional has been awarded more than 20 in­ter­na­tional au­then­ti­ca­tions.

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