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aQUar­iUS (Jan 21 to feb 19): leO (July 24 to aug 23): be­cause of the po­si­tion of the Moon to­day, you tend to be some­what rest­less. there’s not much you can do about this feel­ing, ex­cept per­haps re­lax in a deckchair un­der a co­conut palm on some de­serted is­land. VirgO (aug 24 to Sept 23): the stars to­day in­di­cate some se­ri­ous de­lays and ir­ri­ta­tions. Nor­mally, this wouldn’t worry you, but to­day, you re­ally want things to run ac­cord­ing to sched­ule, and these de­lays and ir­ri­ta­tions could spoil your day. li­bra (Sept 24 to Oct 23): there is a stel­lar em­pha­sis on your an­gle of hopes and wishes. this means you get some­thing you want and you are quite pleased with yourself. the main thing here is that you have waited so pa­tiently for so long. SCOr­PiO (Oct 24 to Nov 22): the stars to­day bring some sort of achieve­ment. Since it is the weekend, the achieve­ment is likely to in­volve a hobby or in­ter­est. Maybe you go up a level in your hobby. What­ever it is, you have a pretty good day. SagiT­Tar­iUS (Nov 23 to dec 22): a cou­ple of im­por­tant things come to the fore. these things in­volve rel­a­tives, es­pe­cially in-laws or rel­a­tives you sel­dom see or hear of. there is talk of travel. Per­haps one of the rel­a­tives is go­ing away. CaPri­COrN (dec 23 to Jan 20): the stars in­di­cate some­thing end­ing. this won’t be any­thing big, but it does leave a hole in your sched­ule, and you might have to re­think some of your ideas. a time to or­gan­ise some of the oth­ers in your house­hold.

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