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FROM Sue Storm to Kitty Pryde, Carol Dan­vers to Jean Grey, the Marvel Uni­verse has al­ways had strong fe­male char­ac­ters. What’s been lack­ing so far, how­ever, is a strong ca­reer woman. Sure, Kitty could beat a Sen­tinel all by her­self (even if it was a very small Sen­tinel) and as Phoenix, Jean Grey could de­stroy en­tire plan­ets, but would they be able to jug­gle be­ing a su­per­hero AND hav­ing a ca­reer at the same time?

Jennifer Wal­ters can. Best known as the su­per­hero She-Hulk, Jennifer is an Avenger, and was re­cently part of the re­place­ment Fan­tas­tic Four that took down Doc­tor Doom him­self (in the re­cently con­cluded and ex­tremely ex­cel­lent FF se­ries). When she’s not in her su­per­hero tights, she’s in power suits, earn­ing her keep as a lawyer (the Avengers gig prob­a­bly doesn’t pay very well).

She-Hulk, her new All-New Marvel Now on­go­ing se­ries, is mostly about the lawyer-ly side of her. Well, for the first is­sue, at least. It starts off with her hav­ing to face one of the most dreaded of bat­tles – a per­for­mance re­view with her bosses, which ends up with her be­ing al­most fired (she quits in­stead). Later, sit­ting all alone in a lawyer’s bar, she picks up a case, and goes up against one of her great­est chal­lenges ever: Tony Stark’s lawyer, Le­gal (just “Le­gal” – no “depart­ment”).

If you’re a fan of Matt Frac­tion and David Aja’s Hawk­eye, you’ll like this book. Like that sem­i­nal se­ries, this is about She-Hulk when she is NOT be­ing She-Hulk (OK, she does get into She-Hulk mode later on), and lets us be privy to a a more down-to-Earth, sel­dom­seen side of Jennifer Wal­ters. Charles Soule is a prac­tis­ing lawyer him­self, and clearly knows what he is writ­ing about (he’s pretty good at writ­ing punch­ing bits as well, by the way). Artist Javier Pulido has also been a guest artist for Hawk­eye be­fore (on the twois­sue The Tape arc), and that stint cer­tainly seems to have rubbed off on him in terms of cre­ative lay­outs and the way he draws both su­per­hero-mode She-Hulk and lawyer-mode She-Hulk.

Of all the new All-New Marvel Now books that have been launched in the past few weeks, She-Hulk #1 and Ms. Marvel #1 are my favourites so far, with their fo­cus on char­ac­ter de­vel­op­ment in­stead of ac­tion giv­ing the books a much-needed dose of re­al­ity and fun. Here’s hop­ing the rest of the new books can live up to this great start.

She-Hulk and other All-New Marvel Now books can be or­dered from vir­tual comic store Earth 638 (email: earth638@ya­, tel: 012-663 1584, Face­book: face­ earth638). – Michael Cheang

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