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THE un­aired sixth sea­son of Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be­gin on the stream­ing ser­vice Net­flix on March 7, Mash­ re­ports.

The first five sea­sons of the an­i­mated se­ries aired on Cartoon Net­work. The pre­vi­ous sea­son ended with one of the main char­ac­ters, Anakin Sky­walker’s padawan Ah­soka Tano, leav­ing the Jedi Or­der af­ter feel­ing pro­foundly let down by her masters and go­ing off to seek her own path.

There’s no men­tion of Ah­soka in the list of 13 Sea­son Six episodes, which are grouped un­der the ti­tle The Lost Mis­sions.

Ac­cord­ing to Net­flix, the up­com­ing sea­son will re­veal “some of the deep­est mys­ter­ies of the con­flict be­tween the Light and the Dark sides of the Force.”

Among the story arcs: an in­trepid clone trooper cadet will dis­cover a shock­ing se­cret; Anakin Sky­walker’s clos­est re­la­tion­ship will be tested to its lim­its (we fig­ure it’s be­cause an old flame of Padme Ami­dala shows up); and Yoda’s in­ves­ti­ga­tion of a Jedi Mas­ter’s dis- ap­pear­ance could for­ever change the bal­ance of power in the galaxy.

The sea­son will cul­mi­nate in a multi-part tale with Yoda find­ing the ori­gin of the Force and then jour­ney­ing to Kor­riban, the an­cient birth­place of the Sith.

darth Tyranus, aka Count dooku, will be among the vil­lains in Sea­son Six of TheCloneWars.

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