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ThE health of your hair is de­ter­mined by your scalp. People with thick and lus­trous hair have a healthy scalp that en­cour­ages healthy hair growth – not con­di­tion­ers or ex­pen­sive serums.

It all be­gins from a healthy scalp that grows beau­ti­ful-look­ing hair. A healthy en­vi­ron­ment is also cru­cial to pre­vent hair thin­ning. To­day, there are many fac­tors that can cause the hair to thin, and the sun is only a start. Air pol­lu­tion and free rad­i­cals also con­trib­ute to hair loss.

So, some­one who does not have hered­i­tary hair loss prob­lems could be just as vul­ner­a­ble to this prob­lem. But for those with al­ready thin­ning hair should pro­tect their scalp from fur­ther de­te­ri­o­ra­tion.

They should keep the scalp healthy. An un­healthy scalp can cause hair to con­tinue shed­ding.

By then, us­ing hair ton­ics may not work as it is not ad­dress­ing the root prob­lem – main­tain­ing a healthy scalp.

An un­pro­tected scalp will also lower the ef­fi­cacy of ton­ics and serums. To pro­tect the scalp take these three easy steps to­wards pre­vent­ing hair loss. SCI­EN­TIFIC ev­i­dence shows that age­ing and dis­eases are due to a loss of hexag­o­nal wa­ter from our cells and tis­sues. It has been found that both cancer and di­a­betes have a com­mon fea­ture – the de­struc­tion of wa­ter struc­ture at the cel­lu­lar level.

Wa­ter struc­ture

If the source of wa­ter we drink is im­por­tant, the struc­ture of wa­ter is the key. The best wa­ter for hu­man con­sump­tion should be hexag­o­nal-struc­tured.

VWA wa­ter treat­ment sys­tem has a dis­tinc­tive edge com­pared with other wa­ter ionis­ers in the mar­ket. The pro­pri­etary for­mu­la­tion of To­tal Micro­organ­ism Pi Ce­ramic has a unique

Cleans­ing and preven­tion

The scalp must be cleansed thor­oughly to en­sure there is no fol­li­cle con­ges­tion and that the scalp se­cre­tion is in bal­ance. This helps pro­vide hy­dra­tion to the scalp. To pre­vent hair thin­ning, hair has to be pro­tected from harsh styling prod­ucts.

Sta­bil­is­ing and stim­u­lat­ing

The sec­ond step is sta­bil­is­ing and stim­u­lat­ing. It fo­cuses on en­rich­ing the root of the hair and bal­anc­ing the scalp’s ph. As the hair and scalp are re­ju­ve­nated, im­proved over­all qual­ity and struc­ture of hair is seen.

Con­ceal­ing and main­tain­ing

Con­ceal­ing and main­tain­ing the scalp is the fi­nal but cru­cial step in main­tain­ing ex­ist­ing hair. By con­ceal­ing the scalp, you are pro­tect­ing it from di­rect ex­po­sure to UV light and ther­mal rays, and it also adds vol­ume and thick­ness to the sur­round­ing hairs as well. This pro­vides a bet­ter en­vi­ron­ment to grow new and stronger hair.

BioTHIK hair pro­tec­tion line-up

US-tech­nol­ogy BioThIK hair build­ing fi­bre and BioThIK fi­bre lock­ing mist are two high­qual­ity prod­ucts that help con­ceal thin­ning hair and the ob­vi­ous scalp.

Made from nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents, these botan­i­cal-based prod­ucts are friendly to your scalp and gives vol­ume by thick­en­ing and hid­ing sparse hair spots. More im­por­tantly, the hair-build­ing fi­bre pro­tects the scalp from UV rays, heat and dust. To use, just sprin­kle some on the head, mist for hold and you get vol­ume in 30 sec­onds.

The BioThIK hair build­ing fi­bre comes in 11 dif­fer­ent colours. BioThIK is pro­duced by T-Biomax, which spe­cialises in hair thin­ning care for over 10 years.

For de­tails, call 016-226 4101 (Michelle Ku) or visit

BioTHIK hair-build­ing fi­bre and fi­bre-lock­ing mist help con­ceal thin­ning hair and the scalp.

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