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MELANIN pro­duced in the skin causes hy­per­dis­coloura­tion and leads to unattrac­tive, un­even skin tone. There­fore, ef­fec­tive treat­ment for dis­coloura­tion should ad­dress the pro­duc­tion of melanin.

Lu­mixyl is a top­i­cal bright­en­ing sys­tem that tar­gets a range of skin prob­lems – melisma, post-in­flam­ma­tory hy­per­dis­coloura­tion, un­even skin tone, sun spots, age spots, photo dam­age and dull skin. De­vel­oped by sci­en­tists at Stan­ford Univer­sity, Lu­mixyl is a skin bright­en­ing sys­tem that has pep­tides, which in­hibit the pro­duc­tion of melanin in the skin.

Given that Lu­mixyl is non-ir­ri­tat­ing to the skin, ac­cord­ing to aes­thet­ics prac­ti­tioner Nara Medispa med­i­cal di­rec­tor, Dr Nadzri Mokhtar, there are two groups of pa­tients suit­able for this treat­ment. “Some pa­tients are un­able to with­stand cer­tain treat­ments like peels or may be al­ler­gic to cer­tain com­pounds such as hy­dro­quinone and ko­jic acid. Thus, they can use Lu­mixyl.”

Lu­mixyl can also be used as af­ter­care and main­te­nance for those who have had treat­ments. “It’s also great for those who have un­der­gone cer­tain pro­ce­dures such as In­tense Pulsed Light (IPL) and would like to main­tain the ef­fects of those treat­ments to pre­vent fur­ther dis­coloura­tion,” Dr Nadzri adds.

The ba­sic prod­ucts are sim­ple to use, “Just ap­ply on your face twice daily – once in the morn­ing and once in the evening be­fore ap­ply­ing sun­screen and make-up,” Dr Nadzri says. “Lu­mixyl has also added an­other prod­uct, Gly­copeel20, to its sta­ble. This prod­uct is to be ap­plied af­ter the top­i­cal bright­en­ing cream for max­i­mum re­sults.”

Gly­popeel20 has a con­cen­tra­tion of 20% gly­colic acid, which aids in ex­fo­li­at­ing dead skin and dark spots while pro­mot­ing cell re­newal for brighter and fairer skin. Ac­cord­ing to clin­i­cal stud­ies done at Stan­ford Univer­sity, pa­tients can no­tice vis­i­ble light­en­ing of their skin af­ter four to eight weeks of us­age. It is also proven to be more ef­fec­tive in re­duc­ing melanin com­pared with hy­dro­quinone, which is found in other prod­ucts, but has more side ef­fects on melanocytes.

“Lu­mixyl is safer by com­par­i­son and also more ef­fec­tive in in­hibit­ing ty­rosi­nase, an en­zyme re­spon­si­ble for the in­crease in dis­coloura­tion,” says Dr Nadzri.

Dr Nadzri has been us­ing Lu­mixyl in his prac­tice for over a year and has found that the prod­ucts are gen­tle, safe for all skin types and do not cause in­flam­ma­tion. It was Lu­mixyl’s im­pres­sive safety pro­file that con­vinced him to choose it over other prod­ucts for his pa­tients.

“I wouldn’t want my pa­tients to have hy­per­dis­coloura­tion or burns due to in­ju­di­cious use of hy­dro­quinone or tretinoin acid­based prod­ucts,” he says, be­fore dis­clos­ing that he uses Lu­mixyl him­self.

“My pa­tients are happy with Lu­mixyl and have be­come re­peat cus­tomers. I per­son­ally would buy the new top­i­cal brighten- ing set which has the Ac­tive Prep Cleanser, Bright­en­ing Cream, Gly­copeel20 and Mois­ture Lock Sun­screen that comes with a rea­son­able and at­trac­tive price tag,” Dr Nadzri says.

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Lu­mixyl helps to lighten and re­ju­ve­nate the skin and pro­mote a ra­di­ant and healthy glow.

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