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It is ev­ery­one’s great­est dream to look young and beau­ti­ful for as long as pos­si­ble with­out hav­ing to worry about age­ing.

to help you look your best, you need to care for it from the in­side where tra­di­tional creams and lotions can­not reach and ful­fil.

A mod­ern life­style means your skin needs ex­tra sup­port. Women, es­pe­cially, want to have youth­ful, healthy skin through­out their life.

In or­der to min­imise the neg­a­tiv­ity of age­ing, some ba­sic tips on how to main­tain youth and beauty must be ad­hered to, long be­fore the age­ing process can take place.

Youth­ful­ness be­gins from within

You do not have to look aged any more due to pro­longed en­vi­ron­men­tal as­sault on your cells. this leads to a slow de­gen­er­a­tion of body and skin cells.

Sun, UV light, di­etary habits, stress, in­suf­fi­cient sleep, smok­ing, al­co­hol, pol­lu­tion and other fac­tors would ac­cel­er­ate the age­ing process. As we age, our skin would un­dergo some dra­matic changes:

1. thin­ning of the epi­der­mis and de­gen­er­a­tion of our elastin fi­bres leading to sag­ging skin and wrin­kles.

2. Di­min­ished oil gland se­cre­tion re­sult­ing in dry and flaky skin.

the rich and fa­mous are known to go for pla­centa in­jec­tions in Switzer­land to main­tain their youth­ful look and im­prove their qual­ity of life.

these pla­centa in­jec­tions have dra­matic ef­fects but they cost about US$20,000 (RM66,030) and the ef­fects wear off af­ter two years.

Now, the sheep pla­centa ex­tracts are avail­able to you right here, at a most af­ford­able price and in the com­fort of your home.

You can now en­joy life, free from cruel age­ing symp­toms, dis­eases, weak­nesses or phys­i­cal lim­i­ta­tions with this ex­tra­or­di­nary beauty and nu­tri­tional sup­ple­ment.

You can now have clearer and firmer skin, and look younger and health­ier. Be young again, full of en­ergy and vi­tal­ity with the newly launched Cel­lLabs Sheep Pla­centa Plus with Grape Seed Oil Plus.

Cel­lLabs Sheep Pla­centa with Grape Seed Oil Plus

Each soft­gel con­tains 300mg of sheep pla­centa cells ex­tracted from 15,000mg of fresh sheep pla­centa, giv­ing it a 50:1 pu­rity ra­tio of ac­tive high-grade bio-ac­tive mat­ter.

the Cel­lLabs Sheep Pla­centa with Grape Seed Oil Plus pro­vides sheep pla­centa plus three other an­tiox­i­dants; Grape Seed Oil + As­tax­an­thin 3.5% + Ly­copene 6% in a sin­gle daily sup­ple­ment that works in syn­ergy to slow down the signs of age­ing from within.

this for­mula also helps to neu­tralise free rad­i­cal dam­age, pro­motes quicker cell re­pair, shuts down your sick cells and ul­ti­mately ex­tends the life­span of your healthy cells.

the ben­e­fits of these in­gre­di­ents in­clude:

– Stim­u­lat­ing re­vi­tal­i­sa­tion of aged, tired and un­healthy cells in our bod­ies.

– Im­prov­ing phys­i­cal vi­tal­ity and en­ergy.

– Pro­vides three-in-one an­tiox­i­dant pro­tec­tion.

– Smooth and ra­di­ant tex­ture.

What makes as­tax­an­thin spe­cial?

there are many prop­er­ties that make this carotenoid unique. Here are the main dif­fer­ences:

– As­tax­an­thin is a carotenoid an­tiox­i­dant when it comes to free rad­i­cal scav­eng­ing.

– As­tax­an­thin is ben­e­fi­cial at “sin­glet oxy­gen quench­ing”, which is a par­tic­u­lar type of ox­i­da­tion. the dam­ag­ing ef­fects of sun­light and var­i­ous or­ganic ma­te­ri­als are caused by this less sta­ble form of oxy­gen.

– As­tax­an­thin is sol­u­ble in lipids, so it in­cor­po­rates into cell mem­branes.

– It is a UVB ab­sorber and re­duces DNA dam­age. – It is a nat­u­ral an­tiox­i­dant. And how about some additional great news on as­tax­an­thin? It is safe and non-toxic.

What makes Lyc-O-Mato ben­e­fi­cial?

Lyc-O-Mato is an all-nat­u­ral ex­tract of red, ripe toma­toes.

It is val­ued as a di­etary sup­ple­ment and func­tional food in­gre­di­ent be­cause it pro­vides a full com­ple­ment of tomato carotenoids and other an­tiox­i­dants to ben­e­fit health.

At one time, it was pre­sumed that the health ben­e­fits of tomato were due to the ac­tiv­ity of the ly­copene. to­day, when it comes to bio-ef­fi­cacy, sci­en­tists are telling a dif­fer­ent story; the se­cret of the tomato does not lie with the ly­copene alone.

the syn­ergy of the nat­u­ral tomato ly­copene, phytoene, phytofluene, beta-carotene, phy­tos­terols and vi­ta­min E re­sult in en­hanced ac­tiv­ity. this means greater health ben­e­fits. Re­search has found that these nat­u­ral sub­stances sup­port our health.

Ly­copene pro­duc­tion is closely su­per­vised from the field to the fin­ished prod­uct en­sur­ing a high-qual­ity prod­uct.

the toma­toes used in Cel­lLabs Sheep Pla­centa with Grape Seed Oil Plus are a high-ly­copene va­ri­ety from plants that are grown in Is­rael with­out any ge­netic mod­i­fi­ca­tion.

the toma­toes are ex­tracted in ac­cor­dance with a patented process that suc­cess­fully blends tech­nol­ogy and tra­di­tion, re­tain­ing the in­nate bal­ance and syn­ergy of all the nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring phy­tonu­tri­ents.

A multi-dis­ci­plinary team of agri­cul­tural sci­en­tists, food tech­nol­o­gists, pro­cess­ing and pro­duc­tion en­gi­neers was in­volved in the de­vel­op­ment of the ly­copene man­u­fac­tur­ing process, and the Good Man­u­fac­tur­ing Pro­cesses (GMP’s) em­ployed are ap­proved by the Min­istry of Health.

If you want to slow down the age­ing process and main­tain your youth­ful look, then Cel­lLabs Sheep Pla­centa with Grape Seed Oil is the right choice for you at an af­ford­able price of only RM199 for the 30s pack­ing.

Just one soft­gel daily will help re­vi­talise and re­gen­er­ate your cells to their full po­ten­tial in the short time, pro­vid­ing you with the en­ergy and vi­tal­ity that you need to stay ahead in life.

Why choose Cel­lLabs?

– Cel­lLabs’ prod­ucts un­dergo on­go­ing sta­bil­ity tests with the aim of en­sur­ing con­tin­u­ous stan­dard of qual­ity.

For ex­am­ple, Cel­lLabs is among the first health care com­pa­nies to per­form Acute tox­i­c­ity on its own prod­ucts, ful­fill­ing its prom­ise for safe and qual­ity prod­ucts.

– the prod­ucts’ in­gre­di­ents give an op­ti­mum dose for op­ti­mum re­sults.

– Cel­lLabs is one of the ma­jor leading health care com­pa­nies in Malaysia, with a strong in­ter­na­tional pres­ence in Sin­ga­pore, In­done­sia, thai­land, Brunei, Hong Kong and China.

Avail­able at Car­ing, Guardian, Hong Kong Sasa, Wat­sons and all leading phar­ma­cies at an in­tro­duc­tory price of RM199.

For more de­tails, call the cus­tomer care­line at 1800 220 822 (9am to 6pm) on week­days.

this ar­ti­cle is con­trib­uted by Cell­gen Life­sciences (M) Sdn Bhd.

KKLIU: 0515/2013

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