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RE­CENTLY, Starchild asked read­ers to send in letters and draw­ings on the topic, My Pet Fish. Let’s hear what our read­ers have to say.

Ali Zul­fiqar Ain­ud­din Wahid,

seven, writes: “I love gold­fish be­cause I love the colour gold. I also like their shiny scales.”

11, rears many types of fish in her aquar­ium. They in­clude tiger­fish, clown­fish, an­gelfish and fight­ing fish. “My pets are named Gin­ger, Nemo, An­gelina and Lucky. Ev­ery­day, I feed them with fish food. I clean the tank weekly. I hope they can be healthy and happy.”

“I like clown fish be­cause their pat­terns are nice. I like Nemo from the movie, Find­ing Nemo. He is very brave and I want to be coura­geous like him,” says six.

12, says: “I have a big aquar­ium at home. There are an­gelfish, tiger­fish and gold­fish. There are also beau­ti­ful weeds and colourful peb­bles. My pet fish are very ac­tive. I hope I can keep my pet fish for a long time.”

Chan Wei Yan,

Shingo Ikuta, Koo Siau Theng,

Ngiam Li Chin,

12, says: “I have many types of fish such as fight­ing fish, sword­fish, stringray and big­head carp. Ev­ery day, I feed them and I change wa­ter in the aquar­ium on a weekly ba­sis.”

“My pet fish, Kiki, is kept in a fish bowl. It likes to eat fish flakes. I clean the fish bowl and change the wa­ter once a week. I love my gold­fish very much,” writes 11.

seven, writes: “I choose the stingray as my pet fish be­cause I like its shape.”

“I al­ready have two pet fish. If I were al­lowed to keep an­other one, I would choose a gold­fish. Gold­fish are beau­ti­ful and colourful. The tail and fins are big and long. When it swims, its tail sways from side to side. It is fas­ci­nat­ing to watch a gold­fish swim. It’s a re­ally grace­ful fish,” writes six.

12, says: “Re­cently, my best friend gave me a gold­fish. I dec­o­rated the fish bowl with mar­bles and peb­bles. I also in­stalled an air pump to in­crease oxy­gen sup­ply in the fish bowl. My pet looks lazy and swims slowly. I love it very much.”

nine, has a golden pet fish named Mermaid. “It was given to me by my grand­fa­ther for my birth­day. I keep Mermaid in a big tank with some smaller fish. There are

Chong Zhi Jian, Vanessa Yap Zi Xuan,

Danielle Ling Xi Yuan, Chan Kai Er,

Lau­ryn Tan Zi Yi,

also colourful corals and seaweeds in the tank. I feed Mermaid in the morn­ing and evening with small worms. When­ever I go near the tank, it will come near, wav­ing its fins as if to greet me. I feel happy watch­ing my pet fish swim­ming in the tank.”

Eight-year-old says: “I love watch­ing fish swim in the aquar­ium. I am not so par­tic­u­lar about the type of fish but they must be very colourful. It is like watch­ing a colourful pa­rade in the aquar­ium!”

“My fa­ther bought a gold­fish for my birth­day. My gold­fish likes to swim around stones and peb­bles in the aquar­ium. I am happy to rear a gold­fish,” says 12. – Com­piled­byShee­laChan­dran

Bhu­ven­raj Ganesh

Ng Kai Onn,

There are grow­ing con­cerns over the in­crease in the num­ber of dengue cases. Since Jan­uary, there have been 22 deaths due to the dis­ease, with about 2,000 cases be­ing recorded ev­ery week. What do you know about Aedes mos­qui­toes and dengue fever? How can Malaysians wage a war against Aedes mos­qui­toes? Don’t for­get to send us your draw­ing of Aedes mos­qui­toes, too.

All letters must carry your full name, age (open to chil­dren aged 12 and be­low only), gen­der, e-mail, phone con­tact and ad­dress. Don’t for­get to write your name be­hind the draw­ing and the topic, on the en­ve­lope. Do not stick or sta­ple any pieces of paper to your draw­ing. All letters must reach us by Send letters to:


Fight Against Dengue,

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