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(TLC, astro Ch 707, 2pm & 8pm) ba­conSea­horse – There is ba­con salt, ba­con jam, ba­con ice-cream and now this? Chill, it’s not some bizarre seafood (sea­horse ... mmm) but, ap­par­ently a deep-fried ar­range­ment of ba­con that re­sem­bles a sea­horse. Todd Fisher trav­els to Pitts­burgh, sam­pling a unique pizza loaded with fries, chilli and ba­con. Then he has a fun­nel cake of beer cheese and ba­con. Next up is this “ba­con sea­horse” thingy. and then a big bad bLT sand­wich. How can he do this week af­ter week? i need to detox al­ready just from writ­ing one para­graph about all that sodium and grease! and Hulk stand pow­er­less af­ter be­ing struck by dr doofen­sh­mirtz’s Power-drain­i­na­tor. Once the su­pervil­lains – red Skull, Whiplash, Venom and M.O.d.O.K. (Mech­a­nised Or­gan­ism de­signed Only for Killing – some­one re­ally wanted his ini­tials to spell M.O.d.O.K.) – find out what the good bad doc­tor did, they seek him out and cre­ate mayhem in danville to­gether. Mean­while, Phineas and Ferb do ev­ery­thing they can to re­store the he­roes’ pow­ers be­fore the evil vil­lains take over the world.

S2 (Ep 6)

first episode finds Theo and the kids in an­cient egypt try­ing to re­turn a pen to amunet, a girl who wants to be­come a scribe.

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