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cancer (June 22 to July 23): Some­thing as­so­ci­ated with work ends. It might be a project you were in­volved in or some­thing more im­por­tant. This im­proves your pres­tige and ego. leo (July 24 to aug 23): There is heavy em­pha­sis on travel. you run around in ever de­creas­ing cir­cles be­cause of a long jour­ney which has been pro­posed. Things look dis­or­gan­ised but you sort them out. Virgo (aug 24 to sept 23): There are sig­nif­i­cant stars af­fect­ing your fi­nances, and they bring some heat. Could it be some­one has over­spent and some­one is not im­pressed? What­ever it is, it soon blows over. li­bra (sept 24 to oct 23): you are full of en­ergy and enthusiasm, but seem to be Robin­son Cru­soe here, so ten­sion could build. don’t let this hap­pen, do your usual thing and com­pro­mise where you can. scor­pio (oct 24 to nov 22): Work mat­ters keep you busy. you en­counter a prob­lem or se­ries of prob­lems you have rec­ti­fied in the past, and people ex­pect you to wave a magic wand to fix it all. sagit­tar­ius (nov 23 to dec 22): There is plenty of ac­tiv­ity as­so­ci­ated with friends and work­mates you get along well with. There might be some sort of cel­e­bra­tion or get-to­gether where you can have fun. capri­corn (dec 23 to Jan 20): you work tire­lessly, get­ting things done when sud­denly, some­thing comes to a halt. This throws a span­ner into the works and you have to stop and start again from scratch. aQuar­ius (Jan 21 to feb 19): a busy day with has­sle over re­li­gion or phi­los­o­phy. you usu­ally try to avoid such stuff, but to­day, some­one gets un­der some­one’s skin and you are asked to pour oil on trou­bled wa­ters. pisces (feb 20 to March 20): Mi­nor money wor­ries. you have your bills all sorted out and know where the money is go­ing, but to­day, there are un­ex­pected bills to pay. Looks like your sav­ings drop by a sig­nif­i­cant amount. aries (March 21 to april 20): It’s not of­ten you are the rebel, but to­day, you see or hear of some­thing you deem as un­fair. and aries was never one to stand back and shirk a con­test with of­fi­cial­dom. tau­rus (april 21 to May 20): There is work to be done and of course, they get the will­ing worker to do it. you will prob­a­bly be re­warded even­tu­ally, but at the end of to­day, they show no signs of even notic­ing how much you went out of your way. geM­ini (May 21 to June 21): There are good stars for small wins. These stars bring happy times, but it won’t be a big win, so don’t or­der your new Rolls Royce just yet. an in­ter­est­ing mes­sage from afar.

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