Mo­bile x-ray ma­chines:

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In­juries caused by the new tech­nolo­gies, such as ar­tillery and the ma­chine gun, re­quired new tech­niques to treat, and one newly-de­vel­oped scan­ning tech­nol­ogy, the x-ray ma­chine, was in high de­mand. How­ever, it was too bulky and frag­ile to be moved around to treat­ment cen­tres along the front lines.

The break­through came when Marie Curie (who worked on x-rays) de­vel­oped smaller, stur­dier x-ray sta­tions that could be set up in cars and small trucks by Oc­to­ber 1914. By 1918, there were 18 “ra­di­o­logic cars” in oper­a­tion.

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