The depth charge:

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Ger­many’s suc­cess with sub­marines forced the Bri­tish to in­no­vate, and one suc­cess­ful re­sult that is still in use to­day is the depth charge. This de­vice is det­o­nated by a pres­sure­sen­si­tive pis­tol; once the pis­tol senses it is at the cor­rect depth by wa­ter pres­sure, it fires and trig­gers the ex­plo­sives.

The first prac­ti­cal depth charge, the Type D, was pro­duced by the Royal Navy’s Tor­pedo and Mine School in Jan­uary 1916. The first Ger­man U-boat sunk by depth charge was the U-68, de­stroyed on March 22, 1916.


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