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MOST of us have un­sightly fats around spe­cific prob­lem ar­eas such as dou­ble chin, flabby arms, fatty thighs, buf­falo hump, bear belly, pear- shaped body and ap­ple- shaped body which pre­vent us from get­ting that de­sired per­fect shape.

Get your healthy body shape with To­tal Im­age S Body, a new gen­er­a­tion slim­ming prod­uct which in­te­grates an­cient Chi­nese medicine and Western med­i­cal sci­ence to de­liver com­pre­hen­sive slim­ming re­sults.

Ad­vanced high- tech ex­trac­tion tech­nol­ogy is ap­plied to pro­vide a holis­tic ap­proach to slim­ming while achiev­ing spot re­duc­tion at prob­lem ar­eas.

Made from 15 types of nat­u­ral, her­bal in­gre­di­ents, the for­mula in­duces sweat dur­ing ex­er­cise, dis­pels wind and re­moves heat.

To­tal Im­age S Body is used to fight tar­geted obe­sity prob­lems to help you at­tain the de­sired healthy shape you have been dream­ing about.

To­tal Im­age S Body helps slim down your body by con­trol­ling your ap­petite.

This reg­u­lates for more nor­mal food in­take rather than over in­dulging.

The for­mula helps to re­duce weight while nour­ish­ing the body with­out af­fect­ing healthy en­ergy flow lev­els, mak­ing it safe for con­sump­tion.

To­tal Im­age S Body also blocks trans­for­ma­tion of car­bo­hy­drates and sugar into fat in the body and helps to ac­cel­er­ate calo­rie and fat burn­ing.

When taken, it helps to in­crease per­spi­ra­tion dur­ing phys­i­cal work­out and also ex­cre­tion to re­lease toxic wastes and liq­uid re­ten­tion from the body.

The in­te­gra­tion of To­tal Im­age S Body’s func­tions will pro­vide you with a healthy S Body shape, re­veal­ing a slen­der, slim­mer and health­ier you.

To­tal Im­age S Body’s in­gre­di­ents and func­tions

> Folium Nelumbo Nu­cifera helps to di­late the blood ves­sels, which are help­ful for slim­ming.

> Radix An­gel­ica Si­ne­sis im­proves blood cir­cu­la­tion, which fa­cil­i­tates trans­porta­tion of in­gre­di­ents to fats spots.

> Radix Scutel­laria Baicalen­sis blocks the for­ma­tion of fat cells and con­trols the syn­the­sis of fats.

> Na­tril Sul­fas ( Na­tril Sul­phas) relieves in­ter­nal heat and in­duces bowel move­ment for pur­ga­tion for bet­ter detox­i­fi­ca­tion.

> Radix Rheum Pal­ma­tum stim­u­lates peri­staltic and mus­cle move­ments of gas­troin­testi­nal tracts to re­lieve con­sti­pa­tion.

> Radix Gly­cyrrhiza Uralen­sis is ef­fec­tive in shrink­ing size of fat cells while burn­ing fats. This helps in los­ing belly fat.

> Rhi­zoma Atracty­lodes Macro­cephala con­trols the ap­petite and ac­cel­er­ates burn­ing of calo­ries.

> Herba Schizonepeta Tenuifo­lia in­ten­si­fies fat burn­ing and elim­i­nates fats through sweat­ing.

With the right com­bi­na­tion of in­gre­di­ents in To­tal Im­age S Body, it not only helps you to lose over­all body weight but also helps fight stub­born, prob­lem­atic fat ar­eas.

Get a box of To­tal Im­age S Body to­day to ban­ish prob­lem­atic fat ar­eas inch by inch.

To­tal Im­age S Body is reg­is­tered and ap­proved by the Malaysian Health Min­istry and cer­ti­fied halal by Jakim to be safe for con­sump­tion by Mus­lims.

This prod­uct is suit­able for men and women and avail­able at Guardian, Wat­sons, Car­ing and all lead­ing phar­ma­cies na­tion­wide. It re­tails at RM62.54 for a month’s sup­ply in a box of 60 cap­sules.

Take two cap­sules daily af­ter lunch and keep to three for­mal meals a day, re­duce serv­ing size and take note of in­take of car­bo­hy­drates and sugar.

To fur­ther en­hance the ben­e­fits of To­tal Im­age S Body, en­tail three months as a course.

Note: This is a tra­di­tional prepa­ra­tion. Bal­anced diet and reg­u­lar ex­er­cise are re­quired.

For more in­for­ma­tion, con­tact To­tal Im­age Re­gional Malaysia cus­tomer hot­line at 03- 6272 1111 or e- mail en­quiry@ to­tal­im­age. com. my

( KKLIU No. 0056/ 2016) DO you get that pan­icky feel­ing all the time, like you can’t breathe?

Anx­i­ety is quite a com­mon prob­lem, al­though many of us don’t like to talk about it.

When you’re an adult, ad­mit­ting to feel­ings of near- panic over seem­ingly or­di­nary things such as meet­ing strangers, talk­ing to the boss or deal­ing with a prob­lem, can be quite dif­fi­cult.

How­ever, you are not alone. Anx­i­ety is an is­sue that is widely un­der- re­ported.

When you’re up­tight, the best thing to do is to speak to your doc­tor or a qual­i­fied men­tal health pro­fes­sional. You can find proper peo­ple in pub­lic hospi­tals or through govern­ment agen­cies.

There are also some com­mon strate­gies that you can ap­ply your­self straight away.

One of the first things that hits you when you’re anx­ious is short­ness of breath. By forc­ing your­self to breathe well, you can of­ten con­trol your anx­i­ety too.

The trick is to breathe in for four sec­onds, hold it for seven sec­onds, and breathe out for eight sec­onds.

If this is too long, try 4- 6- 4.

Try 4- 7- 8 breath­ing.

If you think you’re hav­ing a heart at­tack or some other health is­sue, Googling it will make it worse be­cause the In­ter­net

Get a check- up.

has a way of mak­ing a sim­ple cold look like Ebola.

So be kind to your­self and see your fam­ily doc­tor. Most likely you can then put away one stress fac­tor prop­erly.

Very of­ten there are spe­cific things that set off anx­i­ety at­tacks. It may be a spe­cific sit­u­a­tion or it can come from a com­bi­na­tion of lack of sleep and im­proper diet. What­ever it is for you, fig­ure it out.

Of course that means you can try and avoid th­ese trig­gers but if you are caught short, you can re­mind your­self where it’s com­ing from when you do feel that tight­ness.

Find your trig­gers.

To­tal Im­age s Body is used to fight tar­geted obe­sity prob­lems to help you at­tain the de­sired healthy shape you have been dream­ing about.

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