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IF you’re all tense, you might be go­ing to bed ex­hausted, yet still find your­self un­able to sleep.

Here are some tips for get­ting some qual­ity shut- eye.

Switch off your phone an hour be­fore bed.

You’re go­ing to un­wind be­fore bed time so un­less you have a gen­uine emer­gency, switch it off and take back your quiet time. Keep it off dur­ing the night so you aren’t in­ter­rupted by ran­dom beeps.

Also, the shine from such tools also tricks the brain into think­ing it’s day­time, which means your body is get­ting mixed mes­sages about sleep and wake times.

Freshly laun­dered sheets make sleep­ing much eas­ier.

If you can, use a laven­der scent or some­thing sweetly flo­ral to pro­mote re­lax­ation. Avoid re­fresh­ing scents such as lemon, lime and men­thol.

Clean your bed­ding.

Buy some PJs.

It’s just as sim­ple to wear a T- shirt to bed, but the mind has an odd way of cre­at­ing as­so­ci­a­tions.

So just like you might wear your red power blouse or tie for im­por­tant meet­ings be­cause it gives you ex­tra pep, it helps to have clothes that say to your body, “Time to power down now for a while.”

Prac­tise pro­gres­sive mus­cle re­lax­ation.

About five min­utes be­fore bed, or in it if you pre­fer, clench and re­lax your toes. Then flex and re­lax your an­kles. Then move up through the body sys­tem­at­i­cally. This kind of ex­er­cise has a calm­ing in­flu­ence and will help you to re­lax.

If you’re up­tight, your mind will go to what­ever your cur­rent num­ber one ob­ses­sion is the se­cond you hit the pil­low. By telling your­self a story, you pre­vent this.

Great re­lax­ing sto­ries in­clude walk­ing down your favourite beach, swim­ming in your favourite pool or some other visu­ally pleas­ing, phys­i­cally re­lax­ing ac­tiv­ity.

Tell your­self a story.

clean your bed­ding to pro­mote sleep. Freshly laun­dered sheets make sleep­ing much eas­ier.

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