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COLLINS English dic­tio­nar­ies and the­sauruses com­bine colour­ful il­lus­tra­tions and clear lay­outs to en­cour­age chil­dren to dis­cover and learn the English lan­guage.

As chil­dren learn and grow, Collins dic­tio­nar­ies re­flect their learn­ing needs with up- to- date vo­cab­u­lary in an easy- to- use and en­gag­ing for­mat.

The Pri­mary Il­lus­trated Dic­tio­nary and the Pri­mary Th­e­saurus have both been re­cently re­vised and up­dated to pro­vide full sup­port for chil­dren seek­ing to im­prove their com­pre­hen­sion and writ­ing skills.

Collins dic­tio­nar­ies are the es­sen­tial ref­er­ence tools for sup­port­ing the lan­guage and lit­er­acy needs of chil­dren.

Writ­ten in a clear, straight­for­ward style, the dic­tio­nary con­tains full sen­tence def­i­ni­tions and ex­am­ples that place words within a con­text that is fa­mil­iar to chil­dren.

It is specif­i­cally de­signed to ex­tend and re­in­force key dic­tio­nary skills by show­ing parts of speech ( for ex­am­ple, whether a word is a noun or verb) and other forms of a word ( for ex­am­ple, plu­ral forms and ad­jec­ti­val forms).

It also pro­vides pro­nun­ci­a­tion sup­port for dif­fi­cult or eas­ily con­fus­able words.

Syn­onyms and antonyms are pro­vided to help de­velop pupils’ vo­cab­u­lary and the dic­tio­nary is com­plete with spell­ing and gram­mar tips to help chil­dren use words with con­fi­dence.

The Pri­mary Il­lus­trated Dic­tio­nary also of­fers the unique Word Wizard, which helps chil­dren de­velop their spell­ing, writ­ing and gram­mar skills with themed pages and games, and in­cludes a fact- filled Earth and Space sec­tion where childr chil­dren can learn about the plan­ets, con­ti­nents, moun­tains, rivers and oceans, and the flags of some na­tions of the world while de­vel­op­ing their lan­guage con­fi­dence.

Ac­com­pa­ny­ing the Pri­mary Il­lus­trated Dic­tio­nary, Collins Pri­mary Th­e­saurus is an in­dis­pens­able tool for young writ­ers.

With full def­i­ni­tions for ev­ery en­try and sam­ple sen­tences for each syn­onym, Collins Pri­mary Th­e­saurus helps to im­prove chil­dren’s vo­cab­u­lary and fa­mil­iarises them with the words used in all types of writ­ing, from fic­tion to non- fic­tion.

Collins Pri­mary Il­lus­trated Dic­tio­nary and Collins Pri­mary Th­e­saurus are avail­able for sale at se­lected MPH Book­stores ( Nu Sen­tral, Mid Val­ley, Ala­manda Pu­tra­jaya, Subang Pa­rade, Pub­lika, Bangsar Vil­lage and Jo­hor Bahru City Square) and MPHOn­line. com.

MPH Read­ers’ Cir­cle mem­bers can en­joy 10% off both ti­tles. The books are priced at RM59.90 and RM54.90 re­spec­tively.

Th e up­dated Collin Eng glish dic­tio­nar­ies an d the­sauruses are e great tools to im prove your child’s com mpre­hen­sion and wr it­ing skills.

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