In outer space

The Star Malaysia - Star2 - - STAR CHILD - By Si­mone Tan

IT was a dark night. I was in deep sleep. My eyes were open but I wasn’t at home. I felt like there was no grav­ity pulling against me. I re­alised I was in outer space.

I felt the wind blow­ing past my head and feet. I looked up and saw a large galaxy. It was Saturn, a planet with lots of rings that keep spin­ning.

Us­ing my space­ship, I de­cided to ex­plore planet Jupiter. Due to its far dis­tance, it took a while to reach Jupiter.

When I fi­nally reached the planet, I felt tired. In Jupiter, I saw an in­ter­est­ing cafe named Jubs Pub. It was a mod­ern cafe with as­tro­nauts from all over the uni­verse. I walked timidly and sat down next to a girl named Caira.

Caira and I got along well. Af­ter hav­ing a meal at Jubs Pub, we walked to a nearby mall called Jub­bllee’s Mall. It had many items such as teeshirts, key­chains and ac­ces­sories. I picked up a bracelet and soon dis­cov­ered all items in the shop were free. I took many bracelets and bags, too.

Sud­denly, I was awak­ened by my mun. I do wish to meet Caira in real life, al­though I knew it was merely a dream. I’m happy God has given us such a beau­ti­ful and amaz­ing so­lar sys­tem. –

Yi, 10.

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