Bet­ter body, bet­ter mind


GIVE your­self a boost by treat­ing your body and your mind.

Swap out three carbs a week

Make a pact with your­self that on Mon­days, Wed­nes­days and Fri­days, you swap out the stan­dard plain pro­cessed noo­dle or pasta lunch for a health­ier whole­grain rice or quinoa.

Th­ese whole grains are not only more nu­tri­tious but your body will di­gest them more slowly and you will be more likely to avoid that post- lunch sugar rush and crash.

Keep drink­ing wa­ter

In our trop­i­cal heat, it’s im­por­tant to keep hy­drated. Our bod­ies need wa­ter to keep run­ning smoothly. Be care­ful though with sug­ared drinks.

Hav­ing a soft drink as a treat is great but make sure you drink plain wa­ter as well.

Have a gig­gle

You are sit­ting in traf­fic, be­ing pushed to the limit at work and then there’s all the usual stuff like the cat throw­ing up on the clean laun­dry and the kids show­ing off their Pi­casso skills on the bed­room wall. To de­stress, make sure you spend time with friends. Not on Face­book or via tex­ting but in real life. Meet up for a coffee and have a good laugh.

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