Ac­ing your schol­ar­ship in­ter­views

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IN­TER­VIEWS can be daunting, es­pe­cially if you have never been through one be­fore. Well, fret not, be­cause here are some tips on how to nail your schol­ar­ship in­ter­view.


Prior to the in­ter­view, make sure you are well in­formed of the de­tails of the schol­ar­ship so that you know how well the schol­ar­ship suits your needs.

Th­ese de­tails in­clude the du­ra­tion of study, cour­ses that are cov­ered by the schol­ar­ship, bond re­quire­ments if any, and level of fi­nan­cial as­sis­tance that the schol­ar­ship of­fers.

You could also do some re­search on the field of study that you are choos­ing. In­ter­view­ers will of­ten ask you why you are choos­ing that spe­cific field of study and you need to pro­vide them with cred­i­ble and con­vinc­ing rea­sons.

Be con­vinc­ing

You will have to find a way to con­vince your in­ter­view­ers that you de­serve the schol­ar­ship more than other ap­pli­cants.

List all your achieve­ments and choose the ones you are most proud of or the ones that are rel­e­vant to the course you are look­ing to en­rol in.

Be pre­pared to an­swer ques­tions about your and your fam­ily’s fi­nan­cial sit­u­a­tion if you are in­ter­view­ing for a need- based schol­ar­ship. In­ter­view­ers want proof that you re­ally need the fi­nan­cial aid.

Pre­pare an­swers

Aside from ques­tions about your fi­nan­cial stand­ing, in­ter­view­ers will ask you gen­eral ques­tions. The way you an­swer th­ese ques­tions could make or break your chances of get­ting the schol­ar­ship.

Here are some com­mon schol­ar­ship in­ter­view ques­tions that pan­el­lists ask:

Why do you de­serve this schol­ar­ship?

What is your big­gest achieve­ment? Who is your role model? What is your favourite sub­ject in school and why?

What are your strengths and weak­nesses?

It is a good idea to give a good amount of de­tail to your an­swers to show your in­tel­lect and that you are well pre­pared for the in­ter­view.

Body lan­guage

Your body lan­guage can tell your in­ter­view­ers a lot about your­self. For ex­am­ple, neg­a­tive body pos­tures such as slouch­ing and stiff­ness can in­di­cate a lack of con­fi­dence and ner­vous­ness.

Here is some body lan­guage that will make you ap­pear more con­fi­dent and com­fort­able: Main­tain eye con­tact Speak clearly when an­swer­ing ques­tions Lean back in your seat Place your hands on your lap or on the ta­ble

With proper prepa­ra­tions, en­sure that you go to your in­ter­view on time and fol­low the steps above to in­crease your chances of ob­tain­ing a schol­ar­ship.

An­swer­ing with con­fi­dence and pos­i­tive body lan­guage will leave a good im­pres­sion on your in­ter­view­ers.

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