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IT’S in­evitable that healthy diet and life­style play an im­por­tant role in main­tain­ing one’s well­ness.

While many spend hun­dreds and hun­dreds of ring­git stock­ing up on health sup­ple­ments and at­tend­ing gym lessons, they ne­glected the one most im­por­tant fac­tor – breath­able air.

In­door air pol­lu­tion is the top five en­vi­ron­men­tal health risks.

The En­vi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Agency ( EPA) es­ti­mates that an av­er­age per­son spends 90% of his time in­doors, but in­door air qual­ity can be two to five times more pol­luted than out­door air.

In­door air pol­lu­tion

In­door air pol­lu­tion is caused by bac­te­ria, viruses, mould and a myr­iad of other pol­lu­tants such as cig­a­rette smoke and volatile or­ganic com­pounds ( VOCs) from clean­ing agents.

In­door fur­nish­ings like cush­ions, mat­tresses, cur­tains, car­pets as well as air con­di­tion­ers have be­come fer­tile breed­ing grounds for in­fec­tious micro­organ­isms.

Ob­vi­ous in­di­ca­tions of in­door air pol­lu­tion in­clude bad odour and stal­e­ness in in­door en­vi­ron­ment – which are un­de­tectable by our nose over time.

Other in­di­ca­tions of a pol­luted in­door en­vi­ron­ment can be ob­served in one’s health, which in­cludes high cross- in­fec­tion rates and fre­quent si­nus al­lergy at­tacks.

For ef­fec­tive clean­ing of the in­door air, the pro­lific source of pol­lu­tants must be elim­i­nated.

Clean­ing more than just the air

Driven by the state- of- art Cer­a­fu­sion Tech­nol­ogy, MedKlinn har­nesses na­ture’s fresh­est agents to clean the air and en­vi­ron­ment.

MedKlinn Air Ster­ilis­ers emit a mas­sive, steady stream of neg­a­tive ions and con­trolled level of ozone, sci­en­tif­i­cally ver­i­fied to ad­dress the en­tire spec­trum of pol­lu­tants, ster­ilise the air, and clean ev­ery in­door sur­face.

The MedKlinn Asens+ Air Ster­ilis­ers are de­signed for 24 hours of op­er­a­tion for con­tin­u­ous clean­ing with min­i­mal power con­sump­tion, of­fer­ing the high­est air qual­ity imag­in­able. MedKlinn takes you be­yond the ob­vi­ous to clean up what oth­ers missed, be­cause it cleans more than just the air.

Medklinn cares for you and your loved ones

Healthy liv­ing is a long- term com­mit­ment and in­vest­ing in a MedKlinn Air Ster­iliser helps you stay healthy and pro­duc­tive for only 50 sen a day – based on rec­om­mended sell­ing price of a unit of MedKlinn Asens+ 40, with an es­ti­mated life­span of four years, turned on con­tin­u­ously for 24 hours.

Visit MedKlinn Show­room, 22, Jalan Pen­gacara U1/ 48, Te­masya In­dus­trial Park, for sav­ings up to 40% on all MedKlinn Air Ster­ilis­ers dur­ing the MedKlinn Car­ni­val Sale, from March 24 to 26, 10am to 6pm.

Or, visit www. medklinn. com/ my for more de­tails.

MedKlinn Air Ster­ilis­ers emit a mas­sive, steady stream of neg­a­tive ions and con­trolled level of ozone to counter pol­lu­tants, ster­ilise air, and clean in­door sur­faces.

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