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Tris Prior proves you don’t have to be­long to a fac­tion to save the world.

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Allegiant Di­rec­tor: Cast:

robert Sch­wen­tke Shai­lene Wood­ley, theo James, Ansel El­gort, Miles teller, Naomi Watts and Zoe Kravitz

BEATRICE “Tris” Prior ( Shai­lene Wood­ley) is still as an­noy­ing in Allegiant as she was in the first movie in the se­ries, Diver­gent.

So if any­thing, you can­not fault her for be­ing in­con­sis­tent.

But be­ing a charis­matic leader is not why the peo­ple of Chicago look up to her – she is spe­cial by birth and that qual­i­fi­ca­tion alone places her high up in the new hi­er­ar­chy.

We know that she is a Diver­gent – a 100% ex­am­ple at that, so she def­i­nitely doesn’t fall into any of the fac­tions that were cre­ated to seg­re­gate the city’s peo­ple.

Just a quick re­cap: the Fac­tions are Can­dor ( hon­esty), Eru­dite ( in­tel­li­gence), Daunt­less ( brav­ery), Ab­ne­ga­tion ( self­less­ness) and Amity ( peace­ful­ness). Peo­ple like Tris be­long to more than one fac­tion – the very type of in­di­vid­ual so­ci­ety la­bels as a Diver­gent.

In In­sur­gent, we saw the col­lapse of the flawed Fac­tion sys­tem, the city’s leader killed and Tris re­veal­ing the truth that there is a whole other world out­side the walls built around Chicago.

Allegiant, the first movie of the two- part fi­nale, starts with the ex­e­cu­tion of those who com­mit­ted heinous crimes un­der the pre­vi­ous leader’s regime. One of those await­ing trial is Caleb Prior ( Ansel El­gort), who isn’t just some­one who tried to kill Tris be­fore – he is her own brother. Talk about an awk­ward fam­ily re­union right there.

But more than want­ing to ex­act re­venge for the death of her par­ents or bring sta­bil­ity to her city, Tris is ob­sessed with the idea of the world be­yond Chicago. To­gether with her boyfriend Four ( Theo James), she sets out to scratch that itch. First of all, it’s il­le­gal as Eve­lyn John­son- Ea­ton ( Naomi Watts), the new leader, has banned any ex­pe­di­tion be­yond the walls; and be­sides, Tris doesn’t have a clue as to what awaits them over there.

There isn’t much ac­tion or ex­cite­ment in Allegiant, which was ob­vi­ously made to prep us for the se­ries fi­nale, As­cen­dant, which is sched­uled for re­lease in June next year. But it does take us to where we need to be when that movie comes out, and give us a rea­son to see the vil­lain die ... or not, I don’t know. I haven’t re­ally com­pleted the Veron­ica Roth books on which the movies are based.

While wait­ing for the big fin­ish, fans of the film se­ries would def­i­nitely pay money to catch a glimpse of a shirt­less James. Yeah, he takes a shower, so don’t be sur­prised if the con­sen­sus is that a drip­ping- wet, half- naked Four is pos­si­bly the best im­age in the movie.

Wood­ley is no slouch in the looks depart­ment ei­ther, though her act­ing is still pretty much wooden. All that jump­ing, climb­ing and wrestling with James sure did her physique good; in be­tween my mouth­fuls of pop­corn and sips of soda, I found my­self to­tally in­spired to join a gym. Then I re­mem­bered I al­ready have a gym mem­ber­ship, though I haven’t set foot in the place for years ... so I just con­tin­ued watch­ing the movie.

Any­way, let’s hope that the film­mak­ers have saved all the ac­tion se­quences for an epic fi­nale in As­cen­dant be­cause this in­stall­ment is surely lack­ing in thrills. And as for James, less talk­ing and more shirt­less scenes, please.

‘ For the last time, my name is Four, but I am NOt Num­ber Four. Get your young adult se­ries facts right.’

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