Sim­ple so­cial me­dia tips

A cool tip for each of the five most pop­u­lar so­cial me­dia net­works.

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I GOT to think­ing about the in­cred­i­ble num­ber of so­cial me­dia tips out there, which led me to start cat­e­goris­ing them into dif­fer­ent buck­ets: begin­ner, in­ter­me­di­ate and ad­vanced. Be­cause, you know, this is what I do in my spare time. Then I got to think­ing about a fourth bucket: cool tips, ones that aren’t nec­es­sar­ily easy or hard; they’re just in­ter­est­ing and po­ten­tially re­ally use­ful.

Let’s ex­am­ine that a lit­tle more closely. Here are five cool and sim­ple so­cial me­dia tips you can try to­day.

1. Snapchat: Add more than one fil­ter to a photo or video

You can use up to three fil­ters on pho­tos and up to five on videos. Fil­ters are the changes you can make to pho­tos by swip­ing left or right. To use more than one, swipe as you nor­mally would to add the first fil­ter. Then, hold a fin­ger on the up­per left part of the screen, and swipe again to add the se­cond. Re­peat as needed.

2. In­sta­gram: Re­move pho­tos from your photo map

When you add a lo­ca­tion to an In­sta­gram photo, the data are added to your photo map. This is great be­cause it al­lows you to zoom in on a city and see all your posts from there.

This is also bad be­cause In­sta­gram records very spe­cific ge­olo­ca­tion data about where you shoot the photo, right down to your home ad­dress.

To re­move pho­tos that have been added pre­vi­ously, go to your pro­file and hit the lo­ca­tion icon. Then se­lect Edit at the top right, tap the pho­tos you’d like to re­move, then hit Edit.

Se­lect the photo or pho­tos to re­move or just choose de­s­e­lect all. Tap Done and you’re done. Pho­tos on your map will have a green check mark in the bot­tom- right cor­ner. Pho­tos to be re­moved will be shaded grey.

Al­ter­na­tively, you can go to your phone’s global set­tings and turn off lo­ca­tion ac­cess to the en­tire app.

3. Pin­ter­est: Gift shop­ping? Cre­ate a se­cret board.

This one is so sim­ple, yet so ef­fec­tive. Pin­ter­est boards can be pub­lic or se­cret ( pri­vate). Cre­ate a se­cret board. Name it wish list or birth­day dreams or shower needs – any­thing you want.

Then, add other Pin­ter­est users. That’s it. Now you have a place to not only com­mu­ni­cate the things you want, but beau­ti­ful pho­tos of each item with a link to a place to buy it. My wife and I use th­ese for birth­days and dur­ing the hol­i­days.

4. Face­book: See what your pro­file looks like to other peo­ple

You know how your pro­file looks, but how does it look to Joe Q. Pub­lic or that high school bully who is fi­nally your friend 25 years later? Go to your pro­file, and on the right side of the large cover photo, you’ll see three dots. Un­der there, you’ll find view as.

Se­lect it, and you’ll see what your pro­file looks like to the pub­lic at large. At the top, you’ll now see a black ban­ner where you can en­ter the name of a spe­cific per­son. If you’ve ap­plied cer­tain lim­i­ta­tions to cer­tain peo­ple, this is the way to tell whether or not it’s work­ing prop­erly.

5. Pub­lish a post on LinkedIn

Go to the linkedin. com home­page, not your pro­file page ( you can click on home just to be sure), and look for pub­lish a post. It’s next to share an up­date and up­load a photo. Shar­ing an up­date is like tweet­ing, while pub­lish­ing a post al­lows you to post a full- blown for­mat­ted blog post that you can share. All of your con­nec­tions are no­ti­fied when you pub­lish on LinkedIn, so it can be a bet­ter choice than a per­sonal web­site.

Th­ese tips are cool, and I’ve only scratched the sur­face of what’s out there. Stay tuned, as they say. I’ll have more in a fu­ture ar­ti­cle. – Tribune News Ser­vice

don’t let strangers see your pri­vate posts on Face­book. our tip will show you how. — 123rf. com

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