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NOTH­ING beats a home- cooked meal that’s full of heat and flavour. How­ever, lo­cal dishes, as de­li­cious as they are, lead to a greasy kitchen, and the smoke from the stove­tops of­ten spread to the rest of the house. Min­imise the mess and en­joy favourite stir- fries at home with Rin­nai’s re­cently de­vel­oped cooker hood that is stur­dier, eas­ier to clean and pro­vides a brighter kitchen.

In­tro­duc­ing the RH- C809- GB 90cm chim­ney hood, Rin­nai prom­ises a more pow­er­ful ex­trac­tion hood that pro­motes bet­ter ven­ti­la­tion, air re­cir­cu­la­tion and a bet­ter stor­age of ex­tracted oil.

* Stronger mo­tor, cleaner air:

The cooker hood’s mo­tor op­er­ates at 400W, com­pared with the con­ven­tional 220W to 260W, is the most pow­er­ful in its se­ries. And un­like most plas­tic mo­tors, this model is made from alu­minium.

Com­bine the el­e­ments and you have a stronger torque, more driven wind vol­ume, creat­ing bet­ter suc­tion power.

The re­sult: A less greasy kitchen and cleaner air around the house.

The four- speed set­ting pro­vides more pre­cise con­trol.

Rin­nai has also armed the cooker hood with ex­tra pro­tec­tion against grease – the “de­lay” func­tion con­tin­ues to ex­tract the cook­ing fumes for 15 min­utes af­ter it’s turned off.

You can en­joy your meals with­out re­turn­ing to the kitchen to switch off the hood later on.

The RH- C809- GB model also comes with bet­ter and eas­ier- to- use baf­fle fil­ters.

The de­sign, sim­i­lar to combs lined up­side- down and in­ter­chang­ing with each other, traps oil- filled air trav­el­ling up­wards

* Baf­fle fil­ter:

and pushes the grease down­wards on to the metal blades at the bot­tom.

Rin­nai mar­ket­ing man­ager Jean Se said baf­fle fil­ters help grease stays on the tray in­stead of stick­ing to the mesh.

“This means that the grease isn’t built up on the fil­ter, and air­flow is as smooth as it can be,” said Se.

Rin­nai has re­placed the screwlock and screws, opt­ing for a hook to hold the fil­ters and hinges to at­tach them.

Se also said baf­fle fil­ters pro­duce less noise and need less clean­ing.

They are made of alu­minium or stain­less steel and a dish­washer cleans them well.

Apart from the more pow­er­ful suc­tion and bet­ter fil­ter, there is also a larger stor­age for the ab­sorbed grease, with a sleeker, thicker and elon­gated oil bar run­ning along the en­tire hood.

It de­creases the time you need to empty the oil as well as clean­ing the oil bar; and it looks good.

The hood is also fit­ted with an LED light bar giv­ing you a clearer view of what you’re cook­ing if you hap­pen to have a dark kitchen.

The sleek style of the cooker hood also fea­tures a sen­sor touch con­trol for ease of use.

* Bright and sleek:

* It’s stronger, larger, brighter and eas­ier:

Rin­nai’s prod­ucts in­clude built- in hobs, table­top stoves, built- in ovens, cooker hoods and elec­tric wa­ter heaters.

It also has com­mer­cial- use stoves and range cook­ers, rice cook­ers, grillers in­fra- red burn­ers and gas wa­ter heaters.

Check out Rin­nai’s cur­rent pro­mo­tions or to lo­cate deal­ers, visit www. rin­nai. com. my or call toll- free 1800 888 180. IF your in­ter­est in wa­ter con­ser­va­tion has been re­newed, check out these tips and cut down on your wa­ter use.

When you’re brush­ing your teeth, you wet the brush and use the wa­ter to rinse, so the rest of the time the tap is run­ning and wa­ter is flow­ing down the drain. So wet the brush, turn off the tap, brush and then turn it back on to rinse.

If you don’t have one of the fancy toi­lets that has a full flush and half flush but­ton, put a bot­tle of wa­ter in your toi­let tank with the cap on, of course. Now each time the tank fills up, you save that small bot­tle of wa­ter.

Col­lect wa­ter that you use for rins­ing veg­eta­bles in a bucket and use that to wa­ter the gar­den plants. If you’re feel­ing very con­ser­va­tion­ist, add the wa­ter that comes from boil­ing noo­dles and eggs. The plants won’t mind a tad of starch or a bit of egg white from the odd cracked egg.

Stick a bucket in your gar­den, un­der the cor­ner of the roof. When it rains, this bucket will col­lect an amaz­ing amount of rain­wa­ter quickly. Clearly you don’t want it stand­ing there for long, or you’ll in­crease your risk of breed­ing mos­qui­toes, but if you use it to wash your car or wa­ter the plants within 24 hours, you’ll save a lot of wa­ter.

rin­nai’s rh- C809- GB 90cm chim­ney hood pro­motes bet­ter ven­ti­la­tion, air re­cir­cu­la­tion and a bet­ter stor­age of ex­tracted oil.

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