The Un­der­taker’s last ride?

WRESTLE­MA­NIA 32 has many big matches, but the one ev­ery­body’s keep­ing an eye on is Shane McMa­hon vs The Un­der­taker.

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FOR over two decades, the Dead­man, The Un­der­taker, has been a sta­ple of World Wrestling En­ter­tain­ment’s ( WWE) big­gest an­nual event, Wrestle­Ma­nia.

He racked up an im­pres­sive 21- match win­ning streak and reigned un­de­feated un­til Brock Lesnar shock­ingly ended The Streak at WMXXX in 2014.

Taker bounced back to beat the Eater of Souls, Bray Wy­att, last year. In all, he has de­feated 18 dif­fer­ent wrestlers ( hav­ing bested Triple H three times, and Shawn Michaels and Kane twice each) at Wrestle­Ma­nia.

This year, the stakes go be­yond re­build­ing The Streak. At Wrestle­Ma­nia 32, which will be broad­cast live on the WWE Net­work next Mon­day, he’s up against the re­silient, risk- tak­ing Shane McMa­hon, son of WWE chair­man Vince McMa­hon, in what can pretty much be de­scribed as The Un­der­taker’s el­e­ment: a Hell in a C Cell ll match.t h

The un­for­giv­ing cell has seen many foes crushed and bro­ken. But Shane is fight­ing for more than brag­ging rights or a ti­tle: if he wins, Vince has promised him con­trol of Raw, WWE’s flag­ship show.

And if he loses, well, he has to turn over some “in­crim­i­nat­ing” ev­i­dence he has on his dad, and be dis­owned.

But there’s more: on the March 21 Raw, Vince warned that if Taker fails to put his way­ward son down for the count, this Wrestle­Ma­nia will be the Dead­man’s last!

With so much at stake, ex­pect both men to earn chants of “You’ve still got it!” dur­ing their his­tory- mak­ing match. Will a man be­come a leg­end? Will a leg­end be­come im­mor­tal?

Champ or chump: The “other” main event set for the night ( well, morn­ing over here) is the World Heavy­weight Cham­pi­onship show­down be­tween reign­ing champ Triple H and the chal­lenger ( and for­mer cham- peen), Ro­man Reigns. The Ro­man Era came to a crash­ing end ( though with­out any toga par­ties, or­gies and fid­dling) at J Jan­uary’s’ R Royal l R Rum­blebl whenh Reigns was elim­i­nated and Triple H lifted the ti­tle. Since then, both men have taken turns to beat the stuff­ing out of each other. But af­ter the dust has set­tled at Wrestle­Ma­nia, who will be giv­ing thanks, and who will be ... the tur­key? OK, so that line’s a lit­tle out of sea­son, but so is this ri­valry, in the Dwaynester’s ’ umble hopin­ion.

Street ( un) wise: Af­ter a very an­gry fin­ish to his Triple Threat show­down at WWE Fastlane back in Fe­bru­ary against Brock Lesnar and Ro­man Reigns, for­mer Shield mem­ber Dean Am­brose in­curred the wrath of The Beast. He’s been busted up, down, side­ways and inside out at the hands of Brock, and is now go­ing up against his neme­sis of the mo­ment in a No Holds Barred Street Fight ( the “other other” main event). Now, you might think some­one left the doors of the Am­brose Asy­lum wide open, but don’t dis­miss Dean’s chances just yet. With hard­core leg­ends on his side ( you never know who might show up at Wrestle­Ma­nia) and the Wy­att Fam­ily not quite done with Brock, who knows?

Diva di­vide: The ladies who came over to the main ros­ter from NXT have given the Di­vas divi­sion that ex­tra oomph with their high- im­pact moves. Three out­stand­ing com­peti­tors will col­lide in the cham­pi­onship match. It’ll be reign­ing queen Char­lotte ver­sus her one- time BFF Becky Lynch the Ir­ish Lass Kicker ver­sus The Boss, Sasha Banks. Becky and Sasha have fought twice to de­ter­mine the No. 1 con­tender, but both matches ended with no clear win­ner. As a re­sult, Char­lotte has to face them both in a Triple Threat match. Count on Char­lotte’s dad Ric Flair, the Dirt­i­est Player in the Game, to be a fac­tor at ring­side. Trivia: Sasha Banks is rap­per Snoop Dogg’s first cousin.

Mag­nif­i­cent seven: Say, the In­tercon­ti­nen­tal Ti­tle match has as many com­peti­tors as there are con­ti­nents ( by the old school count). Kevin Owens has to de­fend his hard- earned belt against Dolph Zig­gler, The Miz, Sin Cara, Sami Zayn, Zack Ry­der and Star­dust. And it’s a lad­der match! Fight Owens Fight ... er, and Climb Owens Climb!

Fed to the ma­chine: The Big Guy, Ry­back, re­dis­cov­ered his mean streak re­cently and US Cham­pion Kal­isto will have to pull out ev­ery move in his arse­nal to hold on to his ti­tle belt. Ry­back will prob­a­bly soak up ev­ery­thing the Lucha Dragon can throw at him like the Ab­sorb­ing Man ( come to think of it, he sorta re­sem­bles the Avengers baddy). And con­sid­er­ing his ( rel­a­tively) tiny op­po­nent, Ry­back’s bat­tle cry of “Feed me more!” seems so ap­pro­pri­ate.

FBFFs: First, there was just Y2J, Chris Jeri­cho. Then like a butt-whupped bully, he opened his heart to the chap who did the whup­ping, the Phe­nom­e­nal AJ Styles, and so “Y2AJ” was born. But the tag team didn’t last, not with an ego still as bruised as Y2J’s in the mix. So the two for­mer BFFs will clash ... again. Say, didn’t AJ al­ready set­tle the ques­tion of who’s the bet­ter man?

Eat your Booty- os: The League of Na­tions is set to go all ce­real killer on the New Day when they clash in a match for the lat­ter team’s Tag Team Cham­pi­onship. The New Day lads re­ally should train hard, eat their Booty- os ... and pray. Not all the pos­i­tiv­ity in the world could save them from a to­tal beat­down a cou­ple of weeks ago on Raw, and we might see a re­peat of that in this four- on- three match.

Well, that’s how the Wrestle­Ma­nia 32 card stands for the mo­ment. No doubt, WWE has some aces it’s still keep­ing close to its chest for the big show ( no, the other one). Will the ab­sence of John Cena, Randy Or­ton, Seth Rollins and the now- re­tired Daniel Bryan put a dent in this year’s ex­trav­a­ganza?

We have this nag­ging feel­ing that WWE TV won’t be quite the same af­ter Wrestle­Ma­nia 32. Got those Shane- O Mac signs ready?

Wrestle­Ma­nia 32 airs on Mon­day, April 4 with a live tele­cast at 7am and re­peats through­out the day on the WWE Net­work ( As­tro Ch 820/ HD Ch 840). Sub­scrip­tion de­tails via Ch 200. The Dwaynester en­joyed this oc­ca­sional re­turn to the pages of Star2. Would you like to see more wrestling news and views on a reg­u­lar ba­sis? Drop us a line at the e- mail ad­dress above and give us an “Oh hell yeah” if you do. And if you don’t, well ... it doesn’t mat­ter if you don’t!

Shane McMa­hon gets con­trol of Raw if he beats The Un­der­taker at Wrestle­Ma­nia ... but that also means the match will be the Dead­man’s last. — Photos: World Wrestling En­ter­tain­ment

Like fa­ther, like daugh­ter: When you’re the off­spring of Ric Flair, the Dirt­i­est Player in the Game, can Di­vas Cham­pion Char­lotte be blamed for fol­low­ing in Daddy’s rule­break­ing foot­steps? ‘ Here I am, rock me like a hur­ri­cane,’ Dean Am­brose seems to be say­ing to Brock Lesnar. You’ll get your wish in your Street Fight match against The Beast In­car­nate, Dean. Kids, don’t go around taunt­ing Beasts.

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