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SHOGUN by La gourmet has en­gi­neered an ex­cit­ing range of healthy cook­ware with al­ka­line ben­e­fits. The Shogun Taiyo Cook­ware se­ries is spe­cial as it is re­in­forced with mar­ble rock par­ti­cles for dura­bil­ity and in­fused with Maifan stones for en­hanced health ben­e­fits.

Ilag lab­o­ra­tory and Shogun made this break­through to­gether and Malaysia is the first coun­try to launch the range. It will be first avail­able ex­clu­sively at Aeon on a PWP Redemp­tion pro­gramme.

What is ex­cit­ing is that – Ilag lab­o­ra­tory has tested and ver­i­fied that Shogun Taiyo with Maifan stone has in­creased in pH value after cook­ing with water:

– pH value be­fore cook­ing with water is 7.88 – pH value after cook­ing with water is 9.46 Maifan Stones or “bakuhanseki” ( Ja­panese) is a spe­cial min­eral rock that con­tains mi­cronu­tri­ent el­e­ments such as cal­cium, iron, zinc, mag­ne­sium, cop­per and selenium – all es­sen­tial to a healthy hu­man body. In­fus­ing Maifan stone par­ti­cles into the cook­ware will help food re­tain its orig­i­nal flavour, main­tain trace el­e­ments and the liq­uid is more al­ka­line, which is healthy.

Renowned water fil­ters like Berkey of Canada use Maifan stones in their water fil­ters to turn them into al­ka­line water fil­ters.

The pH of al­ka­line water for drink­ing is ap­prox­i­mately eight to 10 on the pH- scale. PH value of water is seven, which is neu­tral.

Herbal­ists, nat­u­ral medicine prac­ti­tion­ers and or­ganic health en­thu­si­asts have made claims that al­ka­line water im­proves health by neu­tral­is­ing acids and flush­ing the body of dan­ger­ous tox­ins.

It is also claimed that al­ka­line water im­proves blood cir­cu­la­tion and strengthen one’s im­mune sys­tem and can elim­i­nate stored acidic fat.

Maifan stone is also used in Chi­nese medicine to treat skin dis­eases. It is also used in water for cook­ing rice and mak­ing tea as water fil­tered from Maifan stones en­hances the mi­cro nu­tri­ent den­sity in the water and in­creases the ef­fects on health.

Shogun Taiyo by La gourmet is a six- layer sys­tem with Tri­ta­nium Dura Non- Stick re­in­forced with mar­ble rock par­ti­cles and in­fused with Maifan stones on a spe­cially de­signed cast alu­minium body. This results in su­pe­rior heat con­duc­tiv­ity that saves up to 50% of en­ergy and cook­ing time com­pared to nor­mal cook­ware be­cause more heat is con­ducted and re­tained. The se­ries comes with high- qual­ity tem­pered glass for easy view­ing and stay cool bake­lite han­dles.

Cus­tomers are in for a huge bar­gain as this Shogun Taiyo is brought in ex­clu­sively for Aeon cus­tomers on a PWP Redemp­tion pro­gramme with huge sav­ings.

For de­tails, look out for the ad­ver­tise­ment in this StarSpe­cial. CRE­AT­ING your own wardrobe with the help of a builder or by buy­ing com­po­nents and putting them to­gether means you get ex­actly what you need.

First, mea­sure the space you have. You need to mea­sure the height and width of the walls. Your builder can mea­sure to fit but if you’re buy­ing mod­u­lar pieces and putting them to­gether, you need to in­clude a bit of space so you can set things up. Dis­cuss this with the sales peo­ple and check the man­ual.

The tricky bit is de­cid­ing how deep you want it to be. If you can, deeper is bet­ter be­cause it gives you more stor­age space but too deep means you have draw­ers you never see the back of.

Sec­ond, keep track of your cloth­ing. Di­vide them into things that have to hang in short spa­ces ( shirts) long spa­ces ( coats) and what goes in draw­ers ( socks and knickers). Ties and scarves may be bun­dled.

Third, de­cide what you want in terms of stor­age space. You need to con­sider shelves, rods, bas­kets and draw­ers as well as hooks. There are loads of ap­pli­ca­tions on­line that will help you de­cide this. All you need to do is plug in the space you have and then the num­ber of items you have, for ex­am­ple, 10 pairs of shoes, 12 shirts, eight dresses, etc. Google “closet de­sign app” for good links.

Fourth, de­cide on wire or solid sys­tems. Wire is ex­cel­lent for fight­ing damp and tends to be a bit cheaper whereas solid wood tends to last a lot longer and be stronger. Al­ways look for some­thing that’s easy to clean. This is es­pe­cially true with wood be­cause you don’t want to end up hav­ing to buy spe­cial ex­pen­sive clean­ers.

the Shogun taiyo Cook­ware se­ries is re­in­forced with mar­ble rock par­ti­cles for dura­bil­ity and in­fused with maifan stones for en­hanced health ben­e­fits.

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