The fish­er­man who be­came king

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ONCE upon a time, there was a fish­er­man who lived with his wife in a lit­tle hut. The fish­er­man, Richard, and his wife, Diana, were very sad that they had no chil­dren.

One day, Richard caught a fish that granted him three wishes. The cou­ple made their three wishes. The first wish was to have three chil­dren. The sec­ond wish was to be­come young again. The third wish was to be rich and live in the palace with the king and queen.

So Richard and Diana got their wishes. They lived in the palace, they be­came young again, and they were blessed with three chil­dren.

The fol­low­ing year, the king made Richard a knight.

One day, the neigh­bour­ing king­dom in­vad- ed the cas­tle. Richard the knight led his troops into bat­tle. Dur­ing the bat­tle, the king and queen were killed. Richard and his wife be­came the new king and queen.

King Richard led his army into bat­tle when the neigh­bour­ing king­dom in­vaded the palace again. The king man­aged to de­feat the in­vaders ev­ery time they at­tacked the cas­tle.

One day, King Richard found a trea­sure map in a dun­geon in the cas­tle. He set sail with the trea­sure map and was led to Skull Cave. At a cer­tain spot in­di­cated on the map, the king started dig­ging un­til he found a trea­sure box. He opened the box and found glit­ter­ing jew­els and gold bars. The king de­cided to bring all the trea­sures to his palace.

His ship set sail again. King Richard was home­ward-bound.

Un­for­tu­nately, along the jour­ney home, there was a very fierce storm at sea and the ship sank. The king swam to an is­land. He was the only sur­vivor.

Af­ter a few days, the king spot­ted a ship com­ing to­wards the is­land. It was his wife, the queen, who had come to res­cue him.

The king was so happy. He was saved and re­turned to his palace. The king and queen lived hap­pily and ruled the land with wis­dom. – By Teioh Wu Yang, eight

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