Pi­rates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Re­venge

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SO the trailer said “The fi­nal ad­ven­ture be­gins”. But it didn’t say when the fi­nal ad­ven­ture would end. Chances are we’ll be see­ing drunken pi­rate cap­tain Jack Spar­row (Johnny Depp) and crew in the fu­ture – es­pe­cially given the post-cred­its scene and the fact that this fifth movie links back to the first three in sev­eral ways.

For­get the fourth movie (there was a fourth?), and dis­re­gard the bloated sec­ond and third in­stal­ments. This one is prob­a­bly the clos­est, in tone and spirit, to that land­mark first film which showed that you can make a silk purse out of a theme-park ride.

The nau­ti­cal MacGuf­fin this time is Po­sei­don’s Tri­dent, said to give the wielder com­mand of the seas and break any curse. The vil­lain is an un­dead slayer of pi­rates named Salazar (Javier Bar­dem), who re­ally should learn not to take 1970s TV theme songs lit­er­ally – he kept his eye on the Spar­row when the go­ing got nar­row. Any­way, long story short, Salazar and his ghoul­ish crew (in­clud­ing some freakin’ skele­tal zom­bie sharks!) es­cape their pri­son and go af­ter Jack.

Who, it turns out, is quite in­ci­den­tal to the film. The fo­cus is on a cou­ple of fresh-faced, earnest young peo­ple who are af­ter the tri­dent for their own rea­sons. Jack could ... well, have been left out com­pletely if not for the fact that the movie would have prob­a­bly made just $25 on open­ing day with­out Depp. It’s all silly fun, highly for­get­table and about as weighty as the (non-solid) byprod­ucts of all that pop­corn you’ll be guz­zling. – Davin Arul

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