We are eat­ing plas­tic

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EIGHT mil­lion tonnes of waste plas­tic ends up in the sea each year. Fish eat it – and then we do.

Sci­en­tists at Ghent Univer­sity in Bel­gium have cal­cu­lated that shell­fish lovers there are eat­ing up to 11,000 plas­tic frag­ments in their seafood each year! Hu­mans ab­sorb fewer than 1% of that, but they will still ac­cu­mu­late in the body over time, ac­cord­ing to a re­port in The Guardian.

Plymouth Univer­sity has found plas­tic in a third of the fish caught off Bri­tish coastal waters, in­clud­ing cod, had­dock, mack­erel and shell­fish. The Bri­tish gov­ern­ment is con­sid­er­ing a re­fund­able de­posit on plas­tic bot­tles.

Even mi­cro­scopic zoo­plank­ton have been cap­tured on film eat­ing mi­croplas­tic – tiny par­ti­cles bro­ken down from plas­tic bags, bot­tles, and other garbage. Fish eat these tiny or­gan­isms – and then hu­mans eat fish.

It’s not just birds in the Pa­cific ocean that eat plas­tics. Even hu­mans are eat­ing mi­croplas­tics through seafood.

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